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Under 10% BF on Anabolic Diet Questionnaire


I thought it would be great if the Anabolic Diet Vets/Aficionados could give some insight on what they did to get to or below 10% bodyfat and even what they do to maintain those percentages.

*Basically, feel free to talk about any cyclical low carb diet that includes strategic carb ups. Hopefully this thread won't go off on a tangent about ketosis vs fat adapted!

Parameters that could benefit TNATION readers/members:
1) Age,Sex,Weight
2) Years lifting, Cardio type and frequency, Resistance training type and frequency
3) Diet obviously (fat types/ratios, protein types/ratios, carb types/ratios, carb up amounts, frequency, timing, etc.).
4) Sleep improvements/deterioration
5) Recuperation/restorative techniques (types and are more needed vs typical diets)
6) Performance improvements/deterioration in regard to exercise type and or frequency (eg. Can people perform high volumes of high intensity work weekly once fat adapted?)

*Basically, feel free to add anything you may deem important to the topic.

I'm creating this out of shear curiosity by the way, so if it seems stupid...sorry.

Thank you for any feedback!



I'd post but I've never been that lean! :slightly_smiling:


Wow not very reasuring for the AD crowd. I've been at 10% on AD before that was 2yrs ago. Im in a cut phase now at 13% and inching toward 10%
How I did it before cals 10xBW with only 1 carb up per week... work outs crossfit M-W-F, HITTT T-TH (that was a shed from 15-10%)

How Im doing it now Cals 500-800 below TDEE 1 carb up per week SS cardio 45min +1hr weights daily M-SA
((Note this time Im eating more food but keeping protien at 50% most days)) With this method I've been loosing 1-2lbs a week and 1% every 2-3 weeks. Also my muscle mass is increasing where as before I was really shediing too fast & burning muscle up.. I started at 18% yeah I was fat but Im also recovering from shoulder repair so yeah I sat around for a few months eating shit and taking pain pills shit happens.

Age 35 178lbs years lifting probably since high school but only seriouse the last 5yrs

6) Yes people can do high intensity stuff once fat adapted I hate always hearing about how without carbs you will gas out thats BS. I've been paleo/AD for years and have never had issues with energy and I've done 5/3/1, BB workouts, HIIT, crossfit, warrior dash, judo/jujitsu and never had problems. Everone wears out after too much activity if you carb up right for the right plans & are still gassing out maybe your just a pussy...


Thanks for your response thehebrewhero. It is sad that more people haven't posted.

I have a few questions for you.

1) What type of steady state cardio do you do? (treadmill walking, running, etc.)
2) What type of resistance training are you doing? (hypertrophy split, powerlifting, olympic lifting, etc.)
3) What does your carb ups look like? (1 whole day, 1 meal, gluten free, anything goes, a specific caloric amount, ratios, etc.)

I have to say I completely agree with you about being fat adapted and having the ability to perform whatever type and or intensity of exercise I want without "feeling" gassed. I've been on the Anabolic Diet for the most part of the past decade and I don't have any problems.

Thanks again for your input.


Yin Yang Ribeyes!


1) For SS I like the eliptical its easy on my knees Im 35 so I save the running for hill sprints & shit like that
2) Hytophy split Seperate days Back,Legs,Arms repeat then off Sunday
3) 1 whole day Sunday I try & keep it 80% clean also I dont count cals that day so Im probably at 500-1000 above my norm Carbs 60% pro 20ish , fat 20ish


Gotcha! Thanks for the input!
I myself normally do incline treadmill walks and I have to be careful carbing up a full day. It's extremely easy for me to get 10,000 plus calories in a day lol.


I'm wondering if any of these AD Vets are still out there and can chime in on the thread:

IL Cazzo
Pauli D
Alpha Dragon

I'm sure I'm missing quite a few people. So, I'm sorry if I missed anyone. These are just a few I remember that used to post extensively on the AD.


I've since transitioned from the Original AD to something similiar to the link, except I introduce carbs more PWO and keep them paleo-ish.


mhmmm looks tasty, got any veggies to go with that? maybe some zucchini and carrots


I have just recently been able to get in the 10% range using John Kiefer's Carb Nite which is very similar but only allows one night of hi gi carbs per 5-7 days. If I feel fat loss slowing down I will do a smaller carb nite half way through. My training hasn't suffered at all and I have found that I can train up to 7 times a week while maintaining a high intensity level. However, the most optimal training frequency has been 4-5 times a week strength training and 3-4 hiit sessions a week


I will be starting back on the Anabolic Diet Monday in order to get to single digit bodyfat by next June. Ryuubane and I have been discussing different ways to go about it but I'll just start with the 2 week induction phase. I'll be at 3500 kcal and 60/40 fat/protein (not counting veggies). I'll be going slow and steady since I'm taking 12 months to do it.


So far I'm down 5lbs and I'm hoping for a few more this week.