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Undefined Leg Injury

I apparently pulled, tore, ruptured, either my adductor magnus or my gracilis. This happened last Sunday as my husband and I were wrestling with a motorcycle engine, trying to get it into the frame. I didn’t feel a thing at the time, but the next day felt a slight tighness in my leg which I, of course, ignored. Went on to do some heavy safety squats that day which felt fine. The next day it felt a little tighter and started to show signs of swelling (no bruising). The odd thing about this is that the pain is not at the insertion. It is almost mid-thigh (medial), closer to my knee than my groin.

So, it’s not a groin pull, and not a knee injury. It hurts when I walk as the injured leg is swung back. It does not seem to be improving an seems to have “spread” slightly down my leg. It does not hurt when I work legs. It does not hurt when I adduct my leg. It hurts in lunging type of movements, especially to the side. There is some localized swelling as I can see an imprint of the seam of my pants in my thigh (and my pants aren’t that tight). I put some tiger balm on it and it feels a little better. Can’t take anti-inflammatories or Tylenol.

So, anyone have any experience with this particular injury. I’ve had a groin pull before from running, but this is much different. I’m thinking I may have to lay off squatting for a week or two (dammit). Any idea how long this puppy will last?

I slightly tore my quad once. Approximately the same place, just opposite side. It bruised and swelled a bit and I had to lay off of it and treat the swelling with ice for a couple of days, then warm massage and stretching for a couple of days. I don’t know if that applies, but good luck on the recovery. You’ll be back at it in no time.

Its really hard to say exactly which muscle is injured since there are a number of muscles in that area that are involved in similar movements and they all over lap. Whats really important is to reduce the inflammation by icing it and compressing it. After that just get back to working out and make sure you start slow and don’t aggravate it until it feels 100%


Ice it when inflamed. Tiger balm helps me only for the warming process of the muscle or tendon. Try and stretch the surrounding muscle areas and see if there is another possible foot position turned out or parallel that feels better. Take notice of your hip, knee, and foot alignment.

Usually,my muscle injury lasts for about a week or less. Tendons due to small size and lack of blood circulation compared to large muscle groups will take a couple of months.

Tendons and ligaments take much longer to heal so I’m sure you’ll find out soon. Please take care and heal soon.