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Undeadlift's 13 Weeks of Smolov


Hello everyone. Last time, I logged my Smolov Jr experience. This time, I'm doing the whole program. Here's what I'm using:


I'm currently squatting 135kgs (297lbs) with a suit. My goal is to increase that to 172.5kgs (379.5lbs) by September, which will break a national record for my weight class of 67.5kgs.

Since I'll be training raw, I'll be computing my base mesocycle percentages from my conservative raw squat max of 245lbs (111kgs). I did 255lbs (115kgs) before but I'm being conservative so I don't wear out. Here's what I did today:

8x3, 155lbs
1x5, 170lbs
2x2, 180lbs
1x1, 195lbs

I'll be doing exactly the same thing tomorrow.