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Uncovered: The Truth About the Iraq War



This is an hour long video that is very well done, not in conspiracy theory fashion, which lucidly demonstrates that the current American and British administrations are a group of self-interested, malevolent liars, whom have sacrificed the lives of thousands and international stability for their own interests.

Please watch the video before criticising, it is a very comprehensive summary of the facts, given by experts in their right.

Thank you.


don't worry...the people that have Bush and co. as their hero's will soon have their own anti-Uncovered video attempting to discredit everyone in that documentary...

Bush and co. will also put pressure on as many people in the documentary as possible to claim that they were misquoted...

the Bush is infallable crowd will dismiss the video as B.S. propaganda...

the anyone but Bush crowd will use this to say they were right all along...

politics as usual...


Ummm... I'm no Bushie, and I have my suspicions that he is indeed a malevolent sinister genius on the level of Dr. Evil or worse... but if anybody thinks that going in with a military force to both depose a dangerous tyrant who was supporting terrorist activity AND secure precious natural resources that we are dependent on WASN'T a fucking terrific idea -- then you have absolutely no business making any kind of decisions about running this country.

I'm not trying to be a dick, I swear. This is just common sense... that's all I'm saying. If you want to understand a president, you have to think like one. Sometimes we have presidents who think about punanny all the time, sometimes we have ones trying to appease special interest groups... but you can bet your ass that they are holding America's best interests at heart somewhere.

Have we ever had a president sell us out to another country? Halliburton, yes... but not another country.


Google video has ALL the truth.





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The New World Order:

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The MENA Connection (Bill Clinton murders):

JFK assassination:

The Secret Rulers of the World (the Bilderberg group):

The Moon Landing:

The USA Gulags (in the tunnels dug for the super-collider):

The secret birth of the Federal Reserve:

Secrets of the CIA:


Doogs, those links are pure money. Thank you.





As you can see, doogie is one of us who cares for everyone's increased health and longevity... as well as being a damn fine human being.


Am I correct in understanding that you are trying to discredit the credibility because the link I provided is in google video?

It's a search engine... which means that it is unbiased in it's retrieval of sources... so I don't quite understand how you can begin to discredit a video for the fact that it was found on a video search engine.

I actually got the video elsewhere, but wanted a link so I could post it on the forum.


Excuse me, but you obviously didn't watch the video.


No, man, I'm with you. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that you could also find out the truth about everything else on Google video, too. I mean, you can't really understand the Iraq war without understanding the Illuminatti and Satan's hold on Haliburton. Hell, 90% of the weapons we are using there are derived from alien technology.


What about some stuff about how both George Bush and John Kerry are members of the german secret society "Skull and Bones", and how bush appointed 11 members of them to his first Administration?

Hm, may be also possible that this is only a wacky conspiracy theory of the heavy liberal media...

Well, unfortunatly thats true. Dont know, that somehow concerns me. How lucky we are that bushs supporters are so critical of their guy...


I am not putting forth a video about illimunati or devil worship conspiracy, it is only about the war in Iraq...

It is one of the few videos that people should actually watch and consider, because it is one of the few down to earth examples that one can find amongst all the extreme conspiracies.


I have read many books about Iraq, countless articles and many hours of TV reports.

I find it amazing they can distill THE TRUTH down to an hour. Unless of course they only picked the parts that fit their agenda....


so you're willing to send your son or daughter to die for our right to pay for skyrocketing fuel prices?
i,m not.


don't you get it yet?

according to the we love G.W. fan club, anything anti-Bush and co. is an extreme conspiracy with nothing but twisted propaganda and other falsehoods...

many politicians are worshipped as hero's by their respective groups (G.W. being a prime example)...and no one will accept their hero's as doing anything unconscionable...

people believe what they want to believe regardless of any evidence presented...


That sucks.


I find it amazing to see the depths people will plumb in an effort to discredit information they don't like!

Look, look, there are conspiracy videos on the net, thus, anything found on the net must be a conspiracy theory.

Having watched the video, that reminds me of the logic used to "prove" that Iraq had weapons...


So the skyrocketing fuel cost has nothing to do with the increased demand from China and India?


not what i'm saying, i'm refering to the statement that one reason we are there is that we're securing our natural resources. if that's the case, why haven't our fuel costs risen less dramatically? because war in the middle east has that effect, not increased demand from other countries.


Do you think oil prices would drop with unstable, unfriendly despots in charge of the oil and increased demand?


I don't think that's it at all -- it's not a matter of heroes. It's a matter of villians... That's why negative campaigning works so well.


If I hear another person tell me what the truth is about Iraq I am going to punch him in the face. I did not vote for Bush, but I would have shot myself before voting in Kerry. Regardless, we are at a point now where just about every person in our military is there because they either enlisted or re-enlisted knowing full well the war is on and they will likely go. Very few got forced into Iraq. To that I say leave us military guys the hell alone! If we want to fight, let us fight.

Everyone talks about why we are fighting the war. Believe it or not, Bush is not fighting the war, thousands of individual Americans are. Without their enlistments there is no war. Not everyone is a mindless zombie piping up some 9/11 garbage or talking about WMD's. They each have their own individual reasons. I volunteered after a year in college to go back because I have seen the kind of people we are fighting now and they are honest to God evil people. The Iraqi military was NOT evil, these jihadis ARE.

Sitting in the jungle in '02 with some Phillipino airmen drinking San Miguel before we did another convoy against the Abu Sayeff terrorist group I saw a video mailed to the men where an ambush is filmed which leads to rounding some guys up, beheading them and smiling to the camera with their heads in hand. That haunts me to this day. That was the only time in my life I WANTED to kill. Those are the kind of sick fucks we are fighting now in Iraq.

We fight for different reasons, that is mine and I know that I am not alone. If you don't like Bush, you should have tried harder to convince the idiots in this country not to vote for him. You should have decided to vote your conscience instead of a "lesser of two evils". But the votes have been cast. Bash Bush's other policies if you wish, but shut up about the war. It is OUR [the military's] war, let us fight, and if need be, die for what we believe in without you people telling us how brainwashed and lied to we were.