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Uncooked vs Cooked Egg Whites?


So I've heard from a couple different sources that consuming cooked eggwhites would be better than just say adding them raw into a shake as in they are more bioavailable or something.. Is this True and Why?


In summary, using the 15N-dilution technique we demonstrated that the assimilation of cooked egg protein is efficient, albeit incomplete, and that the true ileal digestibility of egg protein is significantly enhanced by heat-pretreatment. A simple 13C-breath test technique furthermore proved to be a suitable alternative for the evaluation of the true ileal digestibility of egg protein.


That said drink em raw if you like. It goes down quick and then you're off to the races so to speak.


Depending on where you live, your eggs may not be pasteurized - which means you shouldn't eat them raw. So check that out first.

My own opinion on this type of thing is more bio available is likely to be an academic difference in actual muscle growth/saving. And in a world full of imperfections (eg. I am running late and have to eat whatever is available instead of the big omelette I planned or I had to cram a workout into 15 minutes ) it's unlikely to bear real results.


NICE thank you, Yeah I have been throwing egg whites into smoothies forever.. I Wondered if they were just misinformed.