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Uncooked Oatmeal OK?


I find i can eat a lot more oatmeal if i fill a cup with water to the same height at the oatmeal, let it sit for a minute or two and chug it/spoon it down.

Because the oatmeal is uncooked(although it is soaked) am I still able to digest the oatmeal?

I ussually have about 2 cups at a time in the morning using this method.

Is this ok?


I eat 3/4 cup every morning like this in my shake. No problems here


i don't think there is a problem with doing this- other than the "taste like my ass" factor. I wouldn't recommend "chugging" the oats- it's like trying to eat vomit...

i've used cold/warm water for my oatmeal and never had an issue, so i think you'll be ok.



Put your oats in a protein shake and send them down the hatch.

Best post-workout breakfast in the world.



FWIW, eating raw oats gives me explosive shits that could paint the bowl... or ceiling.



I don't know why you can't eat cooked oatmeal, but....yes, you can put rolled oats into a shake, and they actually taste pretty good. No instant oats, rolled. Steel cut won't work out to well either.

Milk, Grow! (Metabolic Drive), oatmeal, blend, drink. Yummy.

Of course if you can't stand eating cooked oats to begin with it is because you're eating instant shit oats. Fork out the extra two dollars, but the steel cut, and eat some real oats like a real man.

If you've got to "chug" your food to get it down your gullet because it tastes like ass, you're probably not eating real food.


It's perfectly ok. I'm pre contest now, and I'm eating 100g (in water) 2-3 times a day (main source of carbs).


Gave me some serious cramps and bloating. Works better to cook IMO


I throw 1 cup(50g carbs) in my blender and grind it to dust..then add my water and protein.....and all is good...


i feel your pain


Raw oats will be harder to digest, but if you don't find it's a problem... though you might find your digestion improves if you cooked the oats - might be worth paying closer attention to?

Oats in general, but especially uncooked oats, are high in phytic acid, which in and of itself isn't a terrible thing in moderation.

BUT phytic acid blocks your gut's ability to absorb minerals. It's known as an 'antinutrient.' Soy is extremely high in phytic acid. Other foods include all whole grains and a lot of veggies.

In moderation, it's not a big deal, but if you're taking a multimineral supplement for example, you might want to take it separately from your raw oats.


IIRC its Iron especially that Inositol Hexaphosphate (phytic acid) can have an effect on absorption and lots of peeps who's diet is rich in it have become anaemic. As an educated guess I'd reason these folks were not eating a diet rich in heme iron (from meat) and were probably vegetarians.


i eat 1 to 3 cups of uncooked oats per day ... thay are the regular grocery store brand mixed with ~ 8 oz cold water and 2-3 scoops of Metabolic Drive ... i am still alive ... if it doesn't work out though, i'll let you know



I eat at least a cup of raw oats every morning in my PWO shake. I grind em' up in a coffee grinder, makes dust out of them, put them in my shaker cup along with whey and dex, and down it goes. Never gives me a problem, and I figure if I'm going to ingest that many calories PWO, there might as well be some nutritional value there. (Rather than going with straight dex or malto). :sunglasses: