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Unconventional Exercise Resources? Any Advice of Your Own?

Hi there. I figure this is the best place to ask considering most of you are experienced.

I am wondering if anyone can share resources on more unconventional strength and fitness exercises.

If anybody has seen Eric Bugenhagen’s videos on YT, that’s me in a nutshell, I do all sorts of experimental and weird exercises and basically don’t like a lot of conventional exercises.
I used to watch Elliot Hulse in his early days and he provided a lot of great biomechanical based stuff and strange exercises which worked really well.

For example, I have work 8+ labouring jobs, carrying and moving a lot of weird objects, and doing a whole lot of varied and unusual movements. I have found a great number of labour-based movements are really beneficial and I try to replicate these the best I can.

So, I am always trying to think outside the box and exercises that feel great to me.

I also incorporate a great deal of ‘primal’ movements and flow type stuff, as seen on YT channels MovNat and Strength Side.
I combine this stuff with my own experimental exercises which I find feel the best, and also with a whole bunch of other ‘normal’ stuff from all types of strength training that works well for me.

My whole approach is basically all eclectic and holistic (about the big picture of total flexibility, health, strength, and fitness, longevity).

If you have anything to share at all I would be very grateful.