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Unconstituted Peptides Outside of Freezer?


Just a quick question with respect to shipping peptide products and such.. how much would it affect the quality of the product? The reason I ask is because I was forced to leave my order at the post office for an additional 3 days. Any input is appreciated.



As long as its not reconstituted....minimal effects.


Thanks Westclock! That was the answer I was looking for haha.


I thought it needed to be in the freezer while not reconstituted, and in the fridge after...


In any case, they are now in the freezer.. and were as soon as I had possession of them.


They should be in the freezer. The colder you keep something the less it degrades.

Did he technically lose some potency ?

Sure...technically, is it significant in the slightest ? No not really.

The doses we tend to consider normal are a bit on the higher end to begin with and the degrading in an air conditioned post office for a few days is so minimal...a little off the top of a compound already hitting that diminishing returns barrier is not a big deal at all.