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Uncles Whoops Nephews Ass Over E-Thugging


This is so fucking great.


That is awesome! More parents need to be that observant of their kids internet habits.

And disciplinary :slightly_smiling:



"I don't give a fuck if you saying happy birthday God, I'ma WHOOP YO ASS..." CLASSIC!



Omg epic




The sound of discipline...makes my day.


Thats a strong male figure right there. Haha.


Haha, he didn't get it that bad. I had to take my damn pants off when I got a whooping!




That belt doesn't hold a candle to my dad's fraternity paddle, swung like Canseco in a home-run derby.

Awesome vid though.


Yeah, but did your daddy film it and make you put it out there for all to see while you denounced your pseudo-gangster proclivities?


LOL, got me there.




I winced lol this reminds me of all the ass whoopins I got in the past, except I had to strip to my underpants for mine.

Fav Quote: "I know you fuckin ass lyin!"


"now go put that on your wall..."


Instantly the leader for "Best thing I saw on the Internet 2011"



WOW, I had to go out from work to see this. I had flash backs.

"Now go put that on your wall"


My dad used to beat me 30 years ago saying "Facebook this shit!" too.

I asked him once what that meant. He just hit me harder.