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Unclear Percentages for Pervertor Anchor

I just want to check my understanding of the Pervertor Anchor template, as it contains one detail I find ambiguous.

The description of the program says “you will use a 3/5/1 style of programming” (as with the Leader template). However, in the tables outlining each day, the main lift template is written as “5/3/1” on weeks 1 and 3. I assume this was either intended as “3/5/1” or that it means 5/3/1 in a broader context (which would include 3/5/1).

Basically, am I correct if I interpret the template as follows?

  • Week 1: 3 x 70%, 3 x 80%, 3+ x 90%
  • Week 2: 5:s at 65%, 75%, 85% (no PR set)
  • Week 3: 5 x 75%, 3 x 85%, 1+ x 95%


Looks correct to me.

Thanks for the feedback!