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Uncle Sam's Cereal

Most cereal is crap but I’ve been eating Uncle Sam’s cereal. It’s whole grains plus flax seeds. It’s great!

Has anybody else tried it? Also, has anybody ever seen the version with the berries in it?

I tried it a couple of years ago when I still ate cereal occasionally.

Compared to most other cereals on the market, its probably superior.

HOWEVER, IF it is produced by a method called EXTRUSION, which most cold boxed breakfast cereals are then its is unfortunately garbage, albeit on a lesser scale than say, rice crispies and wheat puffs. I am not entiterely sure it is Extruded but I am almost definite that it is. For more info on Extrusion i.e just what the hell am I talking about read this: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do;?id=538197

I’ve eaten the regular version, but have not tried the berried kind.

I found it flavourful, but too salty even when I was willing to accept some grains in my diet. The only other qualm I had was the poor mixing in of the flax seeds despite violent shaking of the box.

However, overall it was my second favourite cereal, after Puffed Kashi.

Additionally, for those looking for a laxative, a whole box of Uncle Sam works really well.