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Uncle Sam Cereal


Got this at the neighborhood Whole Foods store the other day and it's awesome. Has toasted rolled oats and flax seeds. No added sugar or trans fats. BTW, I mixed about 1/4 cup with my 1/2 cup of plain yogurt, about 1/2 tsp of honey and 10 large chunks of fresh pineapple today....unreal.


No nuts?


Sounds like something they have at Trader Joes.

Thanks for this, Ill try it the way you make it.


Are you saying he isn't a man?


I think he's saying that a cereal called "Uncle Sam" should be made of flakes and nuts.


Pookie, I seem to get in enough trouble on my own... I'm not sure I need your help, thank you very much!


Uncle Sam Laxative cereal is just plain nasty. I made the mistake of buying a box of it. On top of it being flavorless, the horses wouldn't even eat it.

I've just about given up on cold cereals. Did you know, that you can get the low sugar/whole wheat Trix and it has less sugar in it,than most of the "healthy cereals" out there?


Sorry, I couldn't let such a good joke be misunderstood by one of the ingredients.


To each their own I guess. It's not the best thing to eat plain, but add some fruits and chopped nuts and it's pretty damn good. A touch of honey and you've got some great yogurt topping. Now Grapenuts are plain foul...like eating hardened cardboard granules.


I mix half and half Uncle Sam's and oatmeal with a shiteload of blueberries. Good shit!


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