Uncle Sam Cereal

www.usmillsinc.com/usmills/ search.php?brand=5

Anyone try this, the taste is pretty good and it has flax seed in it. I found it at Winn DIxie but not everyone has it. No added sugar, very very natural. This could be a good breakfast, at least better than your raisin bran or that new Simpsons cereal of Count Chocula.

Whats wrong with Count Chocula? Ha

Uncle Sam rocks, I’ve been eating it for years. I get it at Winco for $1.79. Be sure to shake it up to distribute the flax seeds evenly. Don’t eat too much at once unless you desire a colon cleanse. Add a scoop or two of chocolate Grow and it’s better than Count Chocula.

Am I missing something here? I didn’t go to the site, I have seen the stuff in the grocery store. Let’s see carbs + fat, where is that in Jon Berardi’s diet recommendation? C’mon guys!

A serving (1 cup) has 5g of fat (only 0.5 sat fat)- JB sez you can have less than 10g of fat in your P+C meals. Use skim milk, throw in some Grow, you have a great P+C meal.