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Uncle Omar Obama


How does this not result in a speedy departure from the US? If the handing of this case doesn't define our President, what will? Omar is here illegally, is working illegally, is not contributing, is in arrears with taxes, is a social menace...How does the US gain anything having him here?


It's pretty simple....the majority of the media gives Obama a pass on pretty much everything.

And the majority of the media HATES talking about illegal immigration, even though the majority of Americans are against it.

It's a mystery to me.


It's his half-uncle. When you think about it, Obama has handled pretty much like he should. He doesn't know the man, want to know or have any contact with him.

Why should this guy get special treatment compared to other illegals lol? Last time I checked illegal immigration was a big problem in the US anyway. If he gets caught the system will do what the system does. If conservative presidents of past haven't been able to fix the illegal alien problem what makes you think a liberal president will?


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