Uncle Mike

[center]Let the People Decide

by Mike Gravel[/center]

President Bush is disdained by seven in ten Americans. That�??s bad enough, but only one in five Americans believe Congress is doing a good job. Most of us believe our government is the best one money can buy, and that it benefits those who spend the most to buy it. We are right.

Campaign finance laws won�??t fix the problem by limiting political speech. Busting the occasional crooked Senator or Representative isn�??t making the underlying problem any better. Electing new crooks won�??t repair government. Is there any hope for putting government back on the right track? Yes, we can put the people in charge. Although politicians always pay lip service to the people being sovereign, their actions speak louder than their words…

I love this guy:

I thought this was going to be about holsters.

He’s old, senile, and I don’t think he cares what anyone thinks about him.

Which is why he’s so awesome.

The man filibustered the draft. That’s enough to make me love him.

I bet he’s an old hippie. Which is not a bad thing in my book.

Here’s what I’d like to see with the election process for all branches of office. I’d like a system where money and resources were not an issue for candidates. So really, anybody can run. Why should extremely rich people have all the fun. Just because they are resourceful enough to make and keep money doesn’t meant they are the best potential leaders. It just show they know how to take care of number one; something we know politicians do all to well. The only problem with this idea is that the only way to control the election process would be with government funding and control only; somethign I am usually against, but in this case I think it would be worth it.