Uncle Al’s Training Log

Age 76, 5’5”, 165 lbs. Been training 63 years, mostly body sculpting and strength training. Masters powerlifter until age 72. Still pretty strong and jacked…for a geezer.


FULL BODY (upper back emphasis) - 1440 Fitness

Warmups: Treadmill, rotators, dead hang
Squat: 95x5, 135x5, 185x5, 165x15
Hammer Strength Lat Pulldown: 190x10, 240x12x2 supersetted with
Cable Rear Lateral : 30x12x3
Pull-up: 25x10x2, bodyweight x 17 ss with
Dip: Bodyweight x 20,22,25
Chin: Bodyweight x 15 + 1/2 chin x 8
Straight Arm Pulldown: 95x20
Crunch x 50
Treadmill: 30 minutes

Bodyweight: 164.7

  • Okay session with decent pump. Worked pretty hard earlier this week, so kept today’s intensity moderate.
  • My lumbars can no longer handle heavy back squats, so I just throw in a few light sets every other week and make believe the load is twice as much. That way, I can remain a legend in my own mind.

Will try to keep up with your log.

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Hike: 1 hour

Moderate difficulty with some nice hills. Good Zone 2 cardio.


FULL BODY (chest emphasis) - Gold’s Gym

Warmups: Treadmill, rotators

Leg Press: 240x20, 340x20, 360x20
GHR x 15 x 2
Cybex Ab: 90x40

Nautilus Incline Bench Press: 135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 285x5, 275x5, 240x8, 225x11
Flat Flye: 40s x 20, 45s x 15, 50s x 12 drop to 40s x 13

Kroc Row: 85 x 26L/26R

Free Motion Seated Alternate Cable Curl: 70x10 drop to 60x10 drop to 50x12 +6,6 rest/pause drop to 25x20
Rope Pressdown x 50

Treadmill: 1/2 hour

Bodyweight: 166.2

• Gold’s was pretty busy this morning, and I was pressed for time; so I used a few time savers (descending sets, rest/pause, down the stack) and managed to get a productive session with a great upper body pump.


Yesterday – 45 minute hike

Today – Full Body
Leg Ext: 100x25x2
Leg Curl: 50x50

External Rotation: 5s x 40
Seated Machine Press Behind Neck: 75x25, 100x15, 125x8, 100x15x2 supersetted with
Leaning Side Lateral: 20 x 20L/20R x 2, 25 x 15/15, 30 x 15/15, 15 x 30/30

Chin x 27
EZ Bar Cable Curl x 10,12,15,15,15
Rope Hammer Curl x 35 +8,8 rest/pause
Chin x 17
Smith Machine Close Grip Bench Press: 75x30, 95x25, 115x20, 135x18, 155x12 drop to 115x28

Farmer Walk & Shrug: 1/2 mile with shrugs 50x40, 70x30, 90x20x2)
Incline Leg & Hip Raise x 30
Total Cardio (bike, walking): 1/2 hour

Bodyweight: 164.5

The plan had been to start a slow cut next week, but I’ve been getting quite a few complements about the quality mass I’ve put on of late. So, I may decide to bask in blocky glory for a bit longer, rather than put the finishing touches on the sculpture.

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