Unbiased Supplement Book

Anone know what happened to that book Jose Antonio and Jeff Stout were working on that was to document thier tests and opinions on a number of supplements.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but in case most of you didn’t know, Dr. Stout has been appointed as the head of GNC’s Supplement Research Team or whatever they call it. That could throw a monkeywrench into things. He even gave away his EAS leather coat to a buddy of his.

Y’know, I’m waiting for that book too. I check on Amazon every so often to see if it’s coming out. Meanwhile, contact a non-profit organization called Supplement Watch which is doing such work. Their information isn’t definitive and it’s still rough but it’s looking like good, Consumer’s Union-type research.

The book is scheduled to be out sometime this year. I believe it is in the spring but I cant promise anything since I know there have been some delays. Since I co-authored the chapter on antioxidants and exercise with Dr Tim Ziegenfuss and Lonnie Lowery, I have seen the chapter breakdown and it should be a GREAT book. Ive read the protein chapter and obviously, my own. Contributors include Peter Lemon, Joey, Jeff, Tom Incledon, Myself, Tim, Lonnie, Doug Kalman, and many more really good supplement researchers. The book is a nice combination between a good technical textbook and a book accessable for the “lay” public. As far as Jeff, I heard he took the GNC postion too. Tim Z was also in the running I think. I dont think that should affect the book however since it is already in the publisher’s hands.

The “Sports Supplement” book is in production by LWW. The same publishers of the highly regarded research journal “Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise”. This book contains 14 chapters of the latest science on sports supplements written by the top scientist in the country, including some who have written or write for T-mag. Unfortunately due to its length, it won’t be out until this summer 2001. BTW, this book was NOT sponsored by any supplement company.