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Unbelievably Fit 60 Year Old Man!


Keepin' it simple:

No mention of leg work though.


Wow that guy is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


love this pic



Can't forget Gary Strydom when talking about older guys pushing the envelope. Retired IFBB pro and in his early 50's now.


Meh, it's all genetics.


You're right, he would probably be even bigger if he wasn't doing 700 push ups a day. Sounds like you are blaming your genetics.


I'll look even better when I'm 60. I'll even show off my legs, so nobody questions me on them! lol.


Damn impressive.



Nice find guys. Lets not forget Serge Nubret who looked damn impressive in his 70's.


holy crap, awesome.

I wish i get at 60 at that awesome shape.


He looks great. He would look even better if he took care of his skin over the years. His face would look years younger, as well..


lol @ the "he should've used moisturizer comment"


Luckily being fit doesn't include having a full set of teeth.


First thing I noticed.

Of course, this is also a symptom of poverty.



You would be surprised by how many fitness enthusiasts have poor oral health. Drinking Gatorade all day doesn't prevent cavities....and those energy bars?



I agree, Way.

Frankly, Gary has never looked better.


You have legs?


Oh c'mon, you actually took that comment seriously?


Legend old man.


Agreed. Why don't you go up to him and recommend a skin care regimen, including a honey-almond body scrub, a lavender exfolliant and some deep-pore cleanser lotion. I'm sure he would be very receptive to it.