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Unbelievable Thumb Pain After Smith Benching

I need help asap! Last week i did narrow bench press at smith machine and sudden unbelievable pain at thumb, no injury(?) but pain.
It subsided about immediately after release of bar, but same pain with biceps curl so i quitted that session. No week later very heavy bench press went with no pain but second was incline bench at smith, UNBELIEVABLE HARD PAIN AGAIN!! pain is baddest at tip of thumb, like burning and almost bursting out… And i have burned and broke my fingers countless of times, nothing get even close compared that thumb pain.
No i cant even clench my fist without same shit, i cant lift nothing and i have bench press meet coming soon, wtf i do? Numbing injection, taping it numb and pain killers??? Its not infected i think?? Thanks for advance.

Doctor. What you’re describing is very much out of the realm of “normal” things to happen in the gym

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Some kind of nerve issue/damage. Maybe it’ll subside but if not, Id go speak with a Doc Tor.

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Nerve damage comes my mind too, very bad timing… i have to bench anyway, i must mask that pain someway.

Now my thumb/wrist region snaps/twinge/whatever occasionally when i lift something with very sharp pain, like miniatyre whiplash and electric shock, wtf is this… i vant pinpoint pain anymore. Frikin’(free of charge) doc time is 3 weeks away, and here private clinic appointment with magnetic resonance imaging with examination cost over 1600€( 1900$)

So any suggestions or whatever that might help will be god send if working.

You probably won’t need MRI just yet. Why did the private doctor you tried to contact say you need MRI without her examining you?

How’s the emergency department where you’re at. If you come in screaming your head off enough about the thumb how would that go?

They give ibuprofen and and maybe numbing injection :joy:

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Greedy bastards they are… alway try to get maximum money out of patients. Like my navel hernia, first one said straight that will cost 3700€(over 4000 buck) i didnt take that and called few other docs…and one operated it for 570€.

Which country are you in?