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Unbelievable Police Brutality



OK. So the fact that the guy was 1 inch away from running over the first cop is ridiculous. Yes, he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

However, the beating he gets after he crashes his car (and is ejected) is mind blowing.



Yea ... it's excessive ... clearly the guy was unconscious and posed no threat after he was ejected from his rolling automobile. Those cops careers are over ... that type of shit gives a bad image to policemen everywhere tbh. There's no room for that type of shit imo.


I like police brutality and have no problem with it.Police deal with the scum of our society everyday and even they get mad.

Sometimes poeple needs there asses kicked,its not like our judicial system is gonna do anything that is so bad our criminal will stop breaking the law.


Unless you're the one being excessively beaten.


ok I understand that but these are five police officers beating the jesus out of an unconscious guy. If he was struggling or resisting sure do work but he could have just as easily been dead. That one cop closest to his head is just kneeling by his head and throws like 6 shots straight to his face in rapid succession. Too much.


It is obviously what would be considered excessive. But personally, I think it looks good on him after trying to smoke the first cop with his van.

When you witness someone try to splatter one of your co-workers all over the road (thats what it looked like to me, somewhat subjective I suppose), I can understand the extra aggressiveness.




that was excessive, but I would probably ahve been fired also


Guy deserved worse than that.


I nominate you for best avatar ever.




See, they weren't being "extra aggressive" .. that's clearly unnecessary since their job is to use force to subdue and uphold the safety of the public and they should understand, everyday, that they're putting their lives on the line and should accept it.

The perp was unconscious and ceased to pose any threat to public safety. Although he did try to harm one of the cops, once he was subdued (which he clearly was) it is their SWORN DUTY to exercise restraint for the sake of the law of society and actually administer whatever first aid is necessary to keep the perp alive so he may be brought to justice under the same law that they're sworn to protect.


Good point, but law abiding citizens rarely (if ever) find themselves on that side of the line.


Do I have to come over there and beat you excessively? Haha J/K

I think they went a little overboard there. I mean sure I understand WHY they did, but it doesn't make it right. I think this is better than some of the beatings I have seen. I mean it's like a crime of passion, not just beating a random black guy because you had a bad day or hate black people.



Cops have emotions too, think of that guy trying to run over a friend or family member. I would have beaten the shit out of his unconscious body too. Hell, even if he was dead I would have punched and kicked him. The firing is for PR, even the person who made that decision didn't want to.

edit: It's good to know that getting your ass kicked by cops doesn't take away all the charges this guy will see coming his way. Hopefully they ticket him for not wearing his seat belt too.


Agreed, I'm not sure why everyone is worked up about this scumbag. I get the "but what if it was you arguement" but the guy wasn't exactly an innocent bystander. I'm surprised one of the cops didn't shoot him after the stunt he pulled.


Yeah, 'extra aggressive' is an understatement I admit. I'm not even saying they shouldn't have been fired. I'm just saying that in that same situation, It would have taken ALOT of restraint not to be fired as well.


Fair Enough


Damn...that was crazy. Cops get very emotional when a criminal deliberately attempts to take the life of one of their own. It sucks that they couldn't have used better judgment and restraint to at least have some satisfaction in seeing that guy punished to the full extent of the law.

But seriously,what the hell is the point of beating an unconscious guy??


i wish they would show more of the chase footage. the man is probably fortunate he was knocked unconscious, otherwise the police probably woulda immediately shot the car up if it just stopped without rolling over. who runs from the police in a minivan ffs.


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And I agree it wasn't right if the standard you're using is the law. However, I think the beating was justified and wish the damn thing hadn't been caught on tape because I don't think the officers deserved to be fired.

Two of my best friends are officers in Philadelphia (where 5 officers have been killed in the line of duty over the past 3 years or so) so I get why they need to be aggressive and why they get emotional. If police brutality is the only way to strike fear in these criminals hearts so they think twice before messing with the po po then I'm all for it.