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Unbelievable Catch!


Hope this isn't a repost this film is about a year old:

Yeah its the frakking ball girl. Ninja.


Cn't see it but if she runs up the fall its a fake. Sorry


Well then I guess the video fail totally worked out LOL.


Gigantic white square FTW.

Seriously though, if it's not the Giants, why would we want to watch it?


All I know is that the Hallowed posted a big white square.

So, it must be significant.

I will stare at the square until I Figure it out.



I swear I have succesfully posted videos before, this was the fail. Am ashame.


uhh was this the one??


and if so, it was a gatorade commercial



Well then I guess its unbelievable for a reason LOL.


Still staring at white square.

I think I see a polar bear in a blizzard.



This is relevant here.



wow OP sucks.


With the best of them.


This is where I call shenanigans.


Wait a minute... who told you my REAL NAME?!


What can I say, I know things, Ms Mary Katherine Lorraine McGee Shenanigans



Everything but the black one.

Its Raquel FTR.



Even better.

Pleased to meetcha