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Unbearable Rear Delt Pump


Has anyone had what feels like an unbearable pump/inflammation in their rear delt that lasts for weeks? I was using a prohormone call M-1D, but I had to stop because I think it was causing this pump/inflammation.

It's gotten to the point where I can't even sleep because it's throbbing non-stop. It almost feels like I injected a full syringe of a highly irritating liquid into my rear deltoid. When I look in the mirror, and compare my right delt to my left, there's a noticable swelling.

I have not lost any strength or range of motion which is a good thing, and I've had pumps like this in my lower back which is actually worse. It could also just be bursitis which is not related to the prohormone at all unless of course the prohormone acts as a pro-inflammatory.