Unbearable PIP with Test E

Late evening gents, long time lurker, never felt the need to post any questions as I did tons of reading others posts and questions and gotten all my answers. I’m on my second cycle and having immeasurable pain after injecting. Im on week two and pinned my left delt. I know my gear is good and I’ve followed all precautions(running vial under warm water, alcohol swab the area,inject slowly, massage area after). I draw with a 21 and inject with 25x1.

My stats (should have posted first)

32 years old. 5’11 200lbs
15 week cycle of test e 600mgs a week, 300mgsx2wk
Anavar 50mg ed wk9-15

Two weeks after last pin
Clomid 100/100/50/50
Novaldex 40/40/20/20

Maybe the brand I’m Using has a higher Ba content. Thanx in advance vets!

some gear just hurts. You could try diluting it but that’s a hassle.

Yeah what yogi said. I’ve had some bottles be fine and then others hurt like a bitch. Also just depends on the exact spot. For me quads if i went a little off usual the pain was worse/better etc.

Yogi I’ve read some guys cut their gear with grapeseed oil? That whole filtering process looks like a huge hassle.

I’m dreading my next on on Sunday.

Inject glutes and use a heating pad after

That’s what I have to do. You ever experienced pip from high Ba? Guess everyone reacts differently.

me? no I have never had any gear that I couldn’t bear. Yeah some hurts worse than others bur it’s never bad for me.

Is this your first pin from that bottle?

thickness of the oil seems to make the most difference for PIP in my experience

Kount this is my second pin. The oil is thick for sure.

I’ve taken it a step further than a heating pad.

I’ll take all my injections before I shower, and then use the hottest water I could possibly bare. I usually inject all of my test in my quads, so tonight I pinned 3 cc’s worth of prop into my right quad, got in the shower and pointed the head right at the area and preformed a quad stretch for 2 mins.

The difference is night and day, atleast for me. Try it out and see if it helps, its kind of a hassle but worth it IMO.

That’s interesting black label. Definetly will give that a try… I also got some eq coming in so gonna cut it with that and hope that helps as well.