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Unbalanced ME Bench


I was doing a max effort bench workout and my final set was 270 for a single at 178 lbs. During the bench the right end of the bar came up first on the lockout and the bar did not remain parallel to the ground. It was not a huge difference and I still locked out the weight but my training partner noticed it. I wanted to know whether this muscular imbalance would go away over time (I have only been training for 3 years) or I anyone had any ideas of any corrective work I should do since I don't want this to be a problem as I handle heavier wieght. Thanks for your time.


You could have one of a million things going on. Usually, its a technique/tightness issue. When the weight gets heavy, form breaks down. It happens. The difference between getting the weight and not getting it is your ability to stay tight. Work on your upper back strength and focus more on 'pushing yourself away from the bar' rather than just benching the bar back up.

Another common problem is a shoulder capsule imbalance. The thick tendonous sac that connects your upper arm to the res of your body can get thrown out of whack from lots of heavy pressing. Check out www.mobilitywod.com, do a search for 'shoulder' and do every exercise that pops up.

Hope this helps. Solid press by the way.


Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.