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Unbalanced Glute Function, Back Pain



I haven't really gotten into training over longer periods of time, whenever i start my back gets worse and worse until i have to stop. The problem is that my body is out of balance. My left gluteus maximus doesn't function at all when i run, do squats, dead lifts and so on. As far as i have understood, this makes other parts of my body compensate for the lack of work my left glute should be doing. My right glute function is decent, but not as good as it should be. I think this is my main problem, but i have yet to find a solution to it.

If anyone can help me with a solution it would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling:



How did you come to determine that you left gluteus "doesn't function at all" when you run, squat, dl, etc? Did you have EMG studies done? Or was it just a personal subjective/objective determination?

How is your hip/ankle/t-spine mobility? Lumbar stability up to par? Sons of other information is needed before any advice could be given.


Went to a physiotherapist a couple of times, and he determined that the left glute wasn't functioning properly. But i've moved since, and i wasn't able to solve the problem before i moved. I also feel it when i work out. If i where to squat or dead lift, i wouldn't get any fatigue in the glute,because it wouldn't be doing the work it should be.

I probably wasn't accurate enough when i said it wasn't functioning at all, but it's not functioning as it should. When i do exercises, other parts compensate for the lack of glute function.

Ankle/t-spine mobility is fine.

Hip mobility is decent, maybe a little tight/short at the front.

Lumbar stability is decent, been working on it.

Any other information you need?

Thanks for taking the time to help me!


My recommendation would be to go back to seeing a new therapist in your new area to help address this issue. Some simple mobility drills and glute activation drills may help, but to truly get a grasp on the problem and solve it, I think it would help you to seek some professional help, whether it be a physio, osteo, physical therapist, athletic trainer, S&C coach/performance enhancement coach, etc. Just get some solid guidance. On the net, we can speculate all we want, but can't be certain of anything without assessing your current status.