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Unbalanced Bench Press and Squat


So i can benchpress more than i can squat...help????


How often do you bench vs. squat? Maybe try squatting 2-3 times a week?


Ok. Here's what you need to do. Improve your bench press numbers and your squat numbers.


How much do you bench
How much do you squat
How long have you been training each lift
Vid of squat

oh, and what jskrabac said


Stop being a lazy bastard and train squat consistently, with a good program. I can say this because I've been there, somewhat recently even. (Even right now my bench is right around 400, and my squat is around 450 and dropping, due to a hamstring injury)


Squat more, its simple yet effective.



Bench Press-260

Bench press-6 reps 230 lbs
squat- 5 reps 225 lbs



go to elitefts.com, find the "so you think you can squat" videos, watch and learn. Your problem is probably bc you arent squatting properly


get on a better program


have u been traning upper body longer than lower body, if this is true i would say it will just take some time to catch up.


I havent been training it longer. Maybe just better.


no offense dude, but is that really you in your pic? (unless you are 5ft and 160lbs)
What are you doing training wise?


Yeah thats really me lol. Why do you ask?


you look stronger than you say you are


My profile picture was from June this is me now...

I hit a 335 deadlift around 270 for bench press
and my squat hit 325 but im not sure if it broke parallel.


?? you just added nearly 100lbs to your squat.

How are you traning?


No lol i hit 315 for 5 rep Squat clusters a few weeks ago and hit 325 for a max effort but i wasn't sure if i was deep enough. so when i was training squats two weeks ago i went to do 275 for 5 reps and couldnt get deep enough then went to 245 and it still didnt feel deep enough so i backed off to 225 and it felt right. But then again i wasnt squating in a power rack or with anything to catch the bar if the squat failed so maybe i was just afraid to go deep enough with 275.


dont make me hunt you down and slap you, WHAT PROGRAM ARE YOU ON???