Unbalanced Arms Getting Worse

So, when I started my arms were a flabby 15.5 inches. My left was a little less, and my right a little more. And probably near an inch of both of them was fat. The advice was “just get bigger and it will balance out”.

Well, the fat is mostly gone, and my right arm is now about 16 1/2. But my left is maybe 15 3/4. I think that’s not too bad of growth for 10 months, but the unevenness sucks. I never noticed my forearms being much different before, but they are also getting out of balance.

When I lift, I pay attention and it does not seem that I am favoring one arm over the other. So, is it time to start doing a bunch of one-arm exercises? Would you advise totally neglecting the right arm until they are more balanced, except for things that require both, like bench or deadlift?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Alternating dumbbell curls are your new best friend. Do NOT neglect your right arm.

Move to dumbell work.

Barbell will allow the stronger arm to cover for the weaker.

Throw in some high-rep one arm left handed curls, 300 reps per set, to balance out all the wanking.

Switch to DB work. Go to failure with the weak/smaller arm, then do the same number of reps with the strong/bigger arm. this goes for both the bis/tris. Do hammer curls and pin wheels to fill in the forearms too.

This will be like a growth cycle of training for the weaker side, while the strong side is on maintenance. Do this for about 4 weeks, measure, they may still be off a little bit, but the MM connection will be better in that arm, and it will continue to grow once you stop going to failure all the time on it.

[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
Alternating dumbbell curls are your new best friend. Do NOT neglect your right arm. [/quote]
^^. And make sure you squeeze the fuck out of your left bicep when doing BB curls… really focus on the left over the right.

pre-exhaust the stronger arm w/ db prior to BB, just make sure the work load equals out thereafter, e.g. tax the weaker arm w/ additional work (rest-pause, drop sets, etc.)

as others mentioned your dominant side will overcompensate on BB work, amend this.

Thanks everyone. Looks like it might take a while to correct, but no better time to start than now.

Learn to use your other hand.

And if it’s causing that big a size imbalance you might want to think about cutting back some.

Cutting back? You can’t give a man advice like that and expect him to follow. That’s blasphemy. Learning to use the other hand might work. Just sit on it till it goes to sleep. Then it won’t even feel like your own hand.