Unbalanced Abdominals

The right side of my abdominals is much more prominent than my left. This becomes very apparent when I flex them, with upper right section protruding out further than the rest. When doing abwork, I feel like like the right side is overcompensating for the lagging left side. Is this a common problem, and is there anything I can do to acheive abdominal symmetry? thanks

I had perfect abdominal symmetry to the point where it was being commented on, and then one day I did some ab work on the beach where it wasn’t flat. My right got stronger that day and then the imbalance perpetuated as it seemed to take over more in lifts like deadlifts and so the symetry became even more skewed. My solution was to back off my ab work and just back off in general. I figured that part of the imbalance towards the right is because I am a righty and neurologically with the amount of training I was doing, the right was able to keep up with everything while the left wasn’t. My advice is take some time off from ab work and maybe even lower the weight on lifts that really work the abs so you can make sure you’re doing them symmetrically… Then next time you do an isolated movement to the left side, do one more rep than you do to the right side. GL. It took 3 weeks and for me to fix it and 3 more weeks to really fix it.