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Unaware's Get Shredded Log

Hey Guys,

Going to keep a log here to help keep my motivation up on my current cut. I’ve been getting leaner for past year by just being a lot tighter with my diet and more consistent in the gym. I started at ~230 lbs in March last year, currently down to around 185-188. Really have a hard time estimating by body fat, but I imagine its somewhere between 15-20%. I can see my upper four abs if theres good light and I flex, but i still have a bit of a gut, and some love handles. What do you guys think my bodyfat percentage is (approximately)?

Current routine is push/pull/legs twice a week kind of thing, but I do a lot of volume in each session. Before that I was doing bodypart split for about a year. Also doing fasted morning walk or bike for 45 min in the morning 5-6 times a week. Diet isn’t super structured. I get the bulk of my calories around my workout. Take carbs/protein pre/during, followed by protein 45 min after and then a large solid meal 30 min after that. Last week I averaged: 2300 calories, 220g carbs, 216g protein, 72g fat and I lost about 1lb. Any recommendations you guys have, I really kind of want to speed up the process now?

Ultimately want to get that ripped athletic look with hawt abz. Going to cut down to 10-12% body fat and then slowly increase back up without putting on a ton of fat. I know people always overestimate how much LBM they have so I want a realistic assessment. How many pounds away from a good six pack do you think I am?

Current Measurements:
Arms: 15.7 inches
Chest: 42.1 inches
Waist: 30.7inches
Hips: 37.8 inches
Thigh: 24.8 inches

187 lbs
15-20% bodyfat
Going to get shredded.


Some pics of where I am now…Back/Bi




Last One…Better Back/Bi

And heres me back in March at ~230

And last one.


Weight: 187.2
C/P/F: 228.7 / 288.8 / 110.4
Cal: 3063.6

Was feeling run down this morning after leg workout yesterday, so I decided to eat a little more today as kind of a refeed after sticking to my diet all week. All clean food just ate some extra good fats.

Cardio: 90 min fasted walking. Extended beyond my control, was only aiming for 45 min.

Workout: Push

Decline DB 50x15,60x12,70x10,80x10,90x8(f)
DB upright row 25x30, 35x15, 45x12(f)
Incline HS press 90x15,140x15,180x12,210x8(f)
PJRs 40x15,60x12
Rear delt row 25x30,40x15,50x15,55x12,60x8
Incline DB fly 20x15,30x12,40x7(f)
Rope tri ext 60x15,80x12,100x10,120x8(f),60x12
Meadow laterals 50x30,60x12
French press 70x20,80x15,85x10(f)
Ez skullcrusher 35x15,55x10(f), 35x15


Weight: 188.6
C/P/F: 60.3 221.2 65.3
Cal: 1713.7

Cardio: 40 min fasted walking

Workout: Off

Didn’t do any exercise today other than a walk upon waking. Fasted until 2 pm, and then kept carbs/cals low for rest of day, trying to get in a decent amount of protein.

Also I’m going to post picture and measurement updates every two weeks until I have a set of washboard abs. Call me out if I dont!


Weight: 185.8
C/P/F: 238 240.6 72.6
Cal: 2571

Cardio: 40 min fasted walk

Workout: Pull


Weight: 183.8
C/P/F: 229 266 58
Cal: 2490

Cardio: 45 min fasted walk

Workout: Legs


Weight: 181.8
C/P/F: 207 253 65
Cal: 2524

Cardio: 40 min fasted walk

Workout: Push


Weight: 182.6
C/P/F: 333.4 249.5 85.7
Cal: 2997

Cardio: 40 min fasted walk

Workout: Pull

Had a Bod Pod test today that put me at 10.7% at 181.8. Guess I’m a little leaner than I thought. Had a refeed day in celebration of the results.


Weight: 186.2
C/P/F: 362 248 86.7
Cal: 3075

Cardio: 40 min fasted walk

Workout: Legs


Weight: 187.0
C/P/F: 250 227 70
Cal: 2590

Workout: Push

I’ve decided I’m going to maintain my current weight of ~185 for a couple of weeks. I think my weight loss has gotten a little ahead of my skin tightening, so I’m going to a take a couple weeks to let me skin catch up. Since I’ve been dieting for past year anyway it will allow me to take a break before breaking through to the next level of leanness.

Picture as of today.