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Unatural Hunger


So I just wanted to make a p0ost to ask you guys if youâ??ve experienced anything like myself and whether its normal for guys like us.

I find myself constantly hungry.

Its not emotional hunger, stress eating or border that draws on this feeling of hunger, its simply that im constantly famished.

Ive tried the stop for 15 minutes, drink 2- 3 liters of water, chew gum but nothing seems to stop the hunger.

Usually Ill wake up and hour early in the mornings because Im so hungry I cant sleep. Ill be lying there in bed at 5 in the morning and my stomach is tearing itself apart asking for food.

A highish carb diet was a fucking disaster for me, as it only seemed to make me more hungry as time went on. Point in case, I once came home and ate 10 apples, 6 bananas and half a 500 gram bag of dried raisins in one sitting(10 minutes or so) and then half an hour later I ate 400 grams of liver, 300 grams of sirloin steak and well over 2 lbs of mixed veggies.

Im on a high fat diet now and while ive heard that supposed to stop your hunger I cant find any difference. Two days ago I came home and was so hungry I ate an entire roasted chicken in a twenty minute sitting(bones too, thats how hungry I was).

Now I can control it alright but my point is that it seems unnatural for me to simply be this hungry or to even be able to eat this amount of food. Im kinda worried about it tbh. My parents say that its natural for a guy my age to need that amount of good food but I really dont know?

Ill sum up my worst day so far(7 weeks ago) so you can see exactly what Im talking about when I go all out.

Meal 1:
300 grams oatmeal
6 sccops whey
10 oranges
5 apples
300 grams dried rasins

Meal 2:
Same as meal one except replace 10 oranges with 8 banannas.

3KG carrots

Meal 3:
1 jar of tomato sauce
500 grams brown rice
22 meat balls(around 700 grams of mince)

4 red bell peppers

Meal 4:
500 grams brown rice
1.5KG broccoli + cauliflower
600 grams chicken meat

Meal 5:
1 KG peas
1 KG carrots
500 grams beef
600 grams potato

Meal 6:
4 cans of salmon(800 grams)
400 grams liver
2-2.5 KG of mixed roasted veggies.

Kcal = 11,462

Now this was an all out day, we had just been to my naans funeral so I didnâ??t really feel like any self control that day.

My point is though, not once did I feel full or bloated or uncomfortable in any way. After each meal I would be relatively happy but still wanting more.

I dont know how natural this kinda hunger is or if it means anything but I thought id share.


If you're always dieting, your body is begging for food/nutrients. When I was on the AD, if I'd eat a pint of ice cream, I'd actually look BETTER the next day b/c my body would suck up those nutrients. When dieting down/cutting, your body is all out of whack, and honestly, anything goes. That's why people refer to cutting as a "mental game."


Weird trend in the last few weeks about people posting with concerns about being able to eat too much. Usually aspiring BBers have the exact opposite problem.

How is it affecting your physique and progress? Do you have a tape worm?

Either learn self control or do enough work to turn those 11,000 kcals into mountains of muscle.


If I ate that many oranges, or bananas, or broccoli, or roasted veggies I would lose like 10lbs in a day from how much it would make me shit.

If I ate all that in one day, and added 4 bell peppers in, I would die from explosive diarrhea and dehydration.

I eat 6-10 servings of fruits and veggies per day.

Try eating something more filling.

I eat that many calories per day some days. Other days it is around 6500-7000. Most training days are between 8500-10000, cheat days are about that high too.


Cool story, bro! Maybe try actually reading the OP before you post again. In the meantime, I nominate this post for biggest jackass post of 2011 (so far).

There's a hyoooooge difference between "begging for nutrients" and pulling in 11,000 kcal. Unless you're Michael Phelps, this is a bigger problem than a little bit of hunger while on a cut. Before anything else, I would take this one up with a doctor, so that you can, at the very least, rule out anything medical. Get some bloodwork...see how your thyroid is functioning, etc. There are some very big guys on this site and I would venture to say very few of them are venturing over 6 or 7k on their worst days.

If you determine there's nothing abnormally wrong with you medically, then come back on here and we can try again.

P.S. If your body is ever "begging for nutrients" while cutting, you're doing it wrong. Period.


Woah jskrabac, I wasn't trying to offend anyone here! First, let me say that I like your avatar. Second, I realize that 11k cals is kinda rediculous, lol, and was saying that diets can make your hunger go through the roof. I've been there before, and it sucks. But yeah, I agree that maybe OP should see a doc. And I agree that when doing it right, your body doesn't need to beg for nutrients, b/c an optimal cut diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need. I was in a rush when i posted this morning LOL!


Thing is, I would find this far less alarming if you had eaten 11k worth of, say, pizza and beer or something. I'm not even sure that I understand how your stomach could physically contain that much solid food. Either way, there is clearly something wrong. Have you spoken to someone about your recent loss? That's the aspect that jumps out to me. Because eating that much food must have caused you physical pain, I would have to imagine.


Are you gaining a lot of fat?


I don't think I've ever heard of someone eating 11k worth of clean kcals per day haha; I'm impressed.


Lol, this was about 2 months ago at this stage when I went on a bulking phase* and started eating everything in sight as long as it was reasonably clean.

I've had my bloods done recently and most things were normal, my thyroid is under functioning, my good cholesterol is quite high while the bad is reasonably low and my testosterone is very high.

I've spoke to a doctor about this when I was in the middle of it and he gave me the same reasoning as my parents "it's normal for a guy my age to have this kinda appitite, especially if I'm workin out as this would elivate my metabolism."

It's not a question of glutany as I can control it as I have been forthe last while, it just doest seem all that normal to be able to eat that amount of food and still be hungry.

I think I'll look into the tape worm thing to be on the safe side.

And yes, while I was eating like that I gained about 15 pounds of fat lol.


Im most impressed by the 6+ pounds of carrots. Bravo, sir.


You have parasites in your stomach, eat pumpkin seeds.


Only answer I can think of is boredom as a cause. I generally get insatiably hungry when I don't have shit to do and am just sitting around all day, try giving yourself more stuff to do so you don't have as much time to eat and think about eating.


Where the hell do you get the time to chop those vegetables and cook the food? Don't you have a job?

Honestly, there is this thing called leptin, research about it.



I think that there may be a problem, i don't know how you could eat 10 apples.

I mean I've been hungry and eaten 14 McDonalds burgers, or a whole large pizza and half a medium etc. but I don't think I'd ever want more than one apple at a time.


did you eat those apples as they come, or blend them to a smoothie. i mean who has the will power/time to eat 10 apples in one sitting. i get bored before i have chewed my way through one. i think this a case of "video or it never happened" ; )


Were you formerly very fat?(+30% bf)?

i think getting that fat messes with your brain chemistry...I used to be very fat(4-5 yrs ago), and I experienced that same uncontrollable hunger ater i had lost the weight...it has gotten better over time, but I still have it...

It doesn't matter how big I make my caloric surpluses...I still experience hunger...

I learned from a lot of failed bulks that hunger is a terrible indicator of what my body needs for muscle growth...


Inwas extremely fat before I dieted down, see my pictures.

At my heaviest I was 220 with a bf of about 30%.

Your saying you experience the same thing? Thank Christ I'm not the only one because it really worried me at that stage.

Just being able to eat that much and never been full, I mean seriously who the fuck can eat 130 grams of fiber in a day?

I'm seriously thinking that hunger is an awful way for me to measure my progress as it doesn't seem to work.

What do you do can I ask for measuring what you need for muscle? Do you kcal count?

Lol, if you guys seriously want a video I don't mind;) but I warn you it will be horrifying.


well i would never try to eat that much fiber/vegetables....I think you may be alone in that regard...

and...yeah, i count calories/macros amounts...I try to eat the same food everyday...or I have similar food that can be switched in it's place(ie 1 cup white rice or 8 oz sweet potato have same kcal/macros pretty much)...

i set my surplus to a realistic amount of gaining, so i control the rate of weight gain...this is based on your training level(beginner vs advanced)...

I also prefer lower meal frequency like 4 really large meals a day vs 6...I think that helps with hunger...