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Unarmed Man Kills Deer

It’s like my friend always says, it’s a win-win proposition. If you fight it and lose, hey no one will blame you, it’s a dangerous wild animal, but if you win, you are the baddest guy ever.

This is awesome. I hope he puts the deer head on the wall.

“I din’t use no pussy gun fer that one…”

“WHAT? You used one a dem bowenarrows?”

“Hell no… I triangle-choked that mother. Y’all thought I was gay fer taking them Bro-zillion Jeeyoo-Jitsoo classes, right? How many kung-fooed deers you got on your wall, bubba?”

That’s like redneck braggin’ rights for all time. At 7AM, I’m going to get off work, buy a case of Michelob, and build a shrine to this guy out of empty bottles.

I’m not kidding… that dude kicks ass.


Of all places for this to happen, it just HAD to happen in ARKANSAS!!! -Starkdog

I hear that if you let your Badass Card expire, then this is one of the few ways to get it renewed. This guy was merely trying to get his Badass Card back.

I forgot in my last post- for you gamblers out there- What’s the over/under for the number of his friends that have set up deer stands in the hallway of that house since then?