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Unarmed Man Kills Deer



This was one of you, wasn't it?


I only fight bears and wrestle with my wife.


It was probably the BULKING MACHINE looking for his next source of protein.



I can just imagine that scene. He has the buck locked in the master bedroom... then he goes back in. WTF?

It does kinda remind me of Rambo.


I've heard of several cases over the years of hunters and other folks out in the woods being charged by bucks while in the rut and were either killed or severely wounded. Usually a combination of puncture wounds from the antlers and cuts from the hooves.

Deer are dangerous. A menace.


Nate, you beat me to it, but the second I saw this thread, I thought BULKING MACHINE!


That story rocks. I have definitely thought of charging at deer in my yard. Usually I just throw a random ball at them and they run away. Occasionally, they won't run at first and I have to go out after them. One time, a buck started snorting at me as I was approaching. Since then, I almost always have a baseball bat with me when I run them off. We've had bucks fight in my yard before, so I know what they can do with their antlers.



He's old school. He probably had a Miller High Life waiting for him afterwards.



Honestly, what exactly was his reasoning there?

Wife: Are you sure you don't want a knife or a gun?

Beverly Hillbilly: No. This deer has insulted me in my own home, I must kill him with my BARE HANDS.


That man has heart and my hat's off to him. Sure it wasn't the smartest thing in the world but imagine one of the pink polo shirt guys of the current generation doing something like that.


Well, I lived down in that neck of the woods, and the deer down there aren't real big. It's entirely possible this guy and the deer were in the same weight class. Not to take away from what he did, because I would use that story, newspaper clipping and subsequent scars to score on Friday nights, but just bear in mind this was no 400 pound corn fed monster buck.


Have you had your protein today?


man kills deer? i dont believe it. i once saw a deer beat the fuck out of a polar bear. them things is vicious.



Thats absolutely nuts. It almost reminds me of the "trust me, I'm a limo driver!" line from dumb and dumber. [runs back into the room with a fucking deer] Except about 3495230482034 times more badass.


Lol, deer vs polar bear? Where the hell was that??


area 51.


The most badass line of the article:

"Goldsberry intended to have the deer processed for its meat."

After he kills the damn thing with his bare hands, he eats it.


That guy is right on. I'd hate to be one of his daughters boyfriends though. That could go very badly.


I thought I saw it on a Fox special.


Well of course he had to finish the job. Deers are deadly once they get a taste of human blood.