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Unable to Train for 6 Weeks, Help!


Lately I have been having some troubles with my ass. The Assman said I have Hemorrhoids and an anal fissure. I have already taken a two week break from training, and he suggests another 3-4 for proper healing. I am not arguing with him, because this is the worst pain I have ever been in. In the last month my diet has gone from 4500+ kcal to 2800-3200 kcal. My maintenance levels are right around 3000kcal. My diet is now focused on more fiber from fruit and veggies and healthy fats. My protein intake is always high. What can I do to preserve the muscle I have already built and possibly shred a little body fat? I know that asking for fat loss right now is a stretch, but my main concern is preserving lbm. Cardio and light isolation exercises are what the Doctor recommended to keep me sane. Leg work and anything involving heavy abdominal recruitment is out of the picture. I have two unopened bottles of Carbolin 19 and some HOT-ROX if anyone thinks it might be of use. I would appreciate any advice on diet, training, and hemorrhoids. Thnks a lot.



I have no intelligent advice for ya, But I can empathize with you completely, Back when I was competive wrestling I developed the same condition. Between me you and everyone else on this forum it was the worst experience for me ever, Physically mentally you name it, it was just aweful! Just thinking back about it makes me cringe.
Good Luck, and I hope you get a speedy recovery!


Dude, someone in my family has a fissure...IMO you're going to have to say goodbye to muscle gains from what I know. Essential protein, high fiber, etc. So I would just suggest maintenance work if possible--hope it gets better man.