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Unable to Squat, Ankle Impingement?


If I try with good form, I feel a block in front of my ankles. To help describe this further here's a video:

If I really elevate my heels there's no problem. However, I don't have that knee shaking syndrome as shown in the video. My question is, what can I do to help resolve this? He doesn't mention anything in the video, and help would be appreciated!


u need to show a video of u squating
whole body in video with a working weight set
then a video of the lower leg ankle during squat with working weight set
are u planing to compete in powerlifting


I have this problem with only me left ankle. If i squat without heel raised shoes and go way below parallel the heel of the left leg will start to raise and inevitably will cause the knee to go slightly inwards putting a lot of the weight on my right leg.

The only way to fix this for me was to either wear weight lifting shoes or squat just below parallel with a low bar stance. Best is to combine both. Also some stretching of the ankle is fine but not to the point of it hurting when you unload the stretch.