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Unable to Sleep AT ALL During Training Days


I've been having this problem for a few weeks now. I am unable to go to sleep on days that I train (3x a week), even if I worked out at 4 PM and sleep at 12 AM. It used to not matter at well when I worked out... I've always been able to sleep... But now it literally takes about 4-5 hours laying in bed till I actually sleep. On my off days I have no trouble sleeping at all. I do feel extremely tired after my workouts and feel like I have 0 energy to spare afterwards (sometimes I feel depressed or get a really weird mix of emotions)... yet I'm almost always up throughout the night?

The only supps I'm taking is whey, creatine (controlled labs green magnitude), white flood (controlled labs Nitric oxide), and Surge recovery for my post-workout. But I've been taking all this long before this all started happening)... I've been unable to concentrate on anything because of this and it's getting really annoying... Anyone ever had this happen to them?


This sounds like it should go to a doctor. That is really weird and will probably cause problems in the long run


3oz of whiskey will do the trick

Id check into that white flood product. Chances are it has a bunch of stimulants in it. Thats not helping your problem at all.


Most NO products are filled with caffeine, which may be inhibiting your sleep.

As most on this site will tell you, stop being a sucker for NO products. If you want a pump, eat plenty of carbs. If you want a quality pre-workout supp, Surge Workout Fuel.


Damn, you beat me again!


The whiskey will help you go to sleep, but will typically cause awakening in the night, resulting in a poor night's sleep overall. He might try using an OTC antihistamine like Benadryl as a sleep aid. Cutting out stimulants is a good idea, however.


It was a joke smart guy. You really think Im recommending three shots of liquor every night he trains to some kid who doesnt even look old enough to drink? Common sense please


I assumed so - just wanted to make sure in case everyone else was not in on the joke. Alcohol is a very addicting drug, and taking it to help sleep can lead to dependency in a hurry. I know - I've been there. Nearly ruined my fucking life. Sorry - I just don't think jokes like these are very funny.


i too have this problem on days when i train big on my legs. the reason for this is that your CNS (central nervous system) gets so jacked up from the work out that its difficult for you to sleep. your body should adjust shortly. but yeah if you are sensitive to caffeine then maybe you should go ez on that white flood.


White flood is indeed loaded with caffeine, as almost all NO supps are.


"We assume youĆ¢??re familiar with caffeine. This is the main stimulant in White Flood, and is a definite performance enhancer. If White Flood is your first energy drink or pre-workout drink, you may want to use one scoop (half a serving) of White Flood to get used to the caffeine.

Caffeine improves mental focus and is thermogenic and heats you up (helping to burn fat). ThereĆ¢??s about 100mg of caffeine in each scoop of White Flood. "


Everyone is different and all, but still: Occam's razor suggests that Bonez wins.


i had an insomniac period for a few months. it went away.
i hear insomnia is more natural than the way society sleeps now, because people used to go to bed at sunset then wake up around midnight and do stuff, then go back to bed. it is called segmented sleep i think


I was an insomniac for years, on and off. Lifting cured it. I just wasn't venting enough energy.

So I cured my insomnia by lifting, and had two kids. Pffff...


I'm not sure if it's smart to suggest even more supplements to "cure" what might be cause by another supplemeent? Lol, you could try taking ZMA, it helps me fall asleep in about an hour with an empty stomach. It's supposed to cause a deeper sleep and in turn if I'm correct increase Testosterone levels as well. Win win there for me. Not really sure on the T level increase effect for me, I just know that I wake up pretty rested. Though some people have experienced quite the opposite and say they have trouble sleeping and sweat like crazy during the night. By the sound of it, doesn't sound like it would be much worse than what you're experiencing now and might help. Give it a try.


Some nights I can't sleep after a particularly rough training session. Lately, I've been training in humid garages w/ 4 other guys and I'm pretty much drenched in sweat after and I will have a hard time sleeping after that.

If I am dieting, I have a hard time sleeping as well. I attribute it to the catecholamines and fat release hormones that are abundant. This is pretty much a given, and I just finished a run with Shelby where I was getting about 5 hrs of sleep a night because I couldn't fall asleep then got up to do cardio. I really wasn't all that beat during the day though.

I drink a lot of coffee and occasionally pop caffeine tabs around 5:00 PM pre training, but can sleep fine after usually.

It happens when I am overtraining too, but that is usually due to not eating enough.

I'd try eating more and see if that helps.


2mg of melatonin


Thanks everyone for your ideas. I think I really wasn't eating enough. I've been having a large meal a night right before going to bed and it seems like I have been sleeping better. It still takes a while to fall asleep but it's much better than before.