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Unable to Perform Basic Stretches.

I am 6’1, ~285 pounds. I’m taking initial steps to improve my health and lose weight(more accurately, lower my body fat%) through diet+weight training.

My short term goal(~3-4 weeks?) is to attain enough flexibility through a daily stretching routine to perform the core lifts (Bench Press, Deadlift, Squat) with proper form and without injury. I tried the stretching routine in McRobert’s book last night:

When I tried to perform some of the stretches, I found that I was not feeling the stretch in the target areas. For the glutes/back stretch, I felt the strech in my hip flexors. I had similar problems with some of the other stretches.

I think the problem is that I have huge legs(and belly lol) from years of carrying so much weight around and I may lack the basic flexibility to hit the right areas with these stretches.

Can anyone recommend a course of action? Much appreciated.

Here’s a bunch of articles on stretching that might help you out. You also should look into foam rolling and dynamic mobility work if you haven’t already, as these activities will also help you with your range of motion in the lifts you mentioned.








You also may look at one of the Core Performance books by Mark Verstegen. His traning center works with many name athletes and his books stress flexibility.

You might have someone video you and compare your form to a training video on the Internet. It may take a bit to get the flexibility, just like it takes a while to get to a 300 lb bench press starting from scratch. Good Luck.