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Unable to Grow Bigger Arms

Looking past the body fat issue, I think I have the worst arm genetics ever seen on earth. But instead of using that as an excuse I am wondering how I can target them better.

I’ve tried workouts with 20 sets on biceps, 10 sets on biceps, 2 sets on biceps but my arms are stubborn. Any tips/advice?

More like the worst camera lol

So is the rest of you looking jacked?

I agree your arms need a lot of work and time, but I’m assuming that the same goes for every other part of your body. So nothing is lagging, you just need to put in the work everywhere for long time.

^ Wut he said.

You just need to put in the work/time and progress to build more muscle everywhere before you can really say you got a weak bodypart/s.

When you can strap 50kg to your ballsack and rep chin ups all day and/or strict curl decent weight then you can complain about weakpoints.

unless the rest of you looks like a bodybuilder then you clearly just aren’t very big. How big do you think your arms can get while the rest of you is small?

Keep lifiting, eat properly and give it time.

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