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Unable to get a Straight Answer


I search everywhere, steroid websites say yes it burns fat and some people say it does and some people say it doesnt..


Idk why it shouldnt due to the fact of it increasing IGF-1.

A buddy of mine took it and said he barley worked out, 2 days a week and ate like shit (pizza, cheeseburgers etc) and still had a ripped 8 pack, he was known to gain weight quite easy too before he started cause his father and mother were always heavy and he was a little heavy in high school too,

But after high school he took it and he shredded and he said he barley did any cardio. And he was in really good shape, not an ounce of fat.


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Good enough for me, its just there is people who say that it doesnt and then u have people who say they eat like shit and they lose fat, like i said above my buddy is a perfect example. He said he was so hungry all the time he had to keep up with it and sat and sundays he said he would have like 7 double cheesburgers and there was no fat to be found.

As of right now im making mine and i have some fat on my stomach (from bulking) Yet im an ectomorph so burning fat for me is quite easy.

But obviously throwing in some cardio will just excellerate the fat burning properties of tren correct?


Ripped ManOnes stats
2 years of training

I remember your picture you look about 16...
that being said....

I believe some of the fat loss is due to the strong affinity Trenbolone has for the AR, which has been shown to increase lipolysis.


Im not 16 i am 20 lol just got a baby face i guess.

Been training since i was 17.


what makes you think you need steroids rather than a change in diet/supplements/training?


yes,everyone i know will report tha ttren has helped them to rip the fat off and this is with changes to diet.

Its wonderful,but packs wonderfuly aweful sides in some.


Nobody needs steroids but maybe ill give you a brief description of what ive been doing that hasnt been working.

Monday :Chest and Tris
Flat bench 4x5
Incline Dumbells 4x7
Flat Chest flies 3x7
Incline CHest Flies 3x7
Skull crushers 4x6
Tricep Pushdowsn 3x10

Wednesday: Back and Biceps
Weighted Pullups: 4x5
Lat Pulldown: 4x7
Dumbell Rows: 4x7
Straightbar Curls: 3x7

Friday: Legs
Squats 5x5
Hamstring curls 4x7
Leg Extentions 4x7
Light Leg press 4x10


7 eggs(Large) 2 slices of ham 2 slices of toast and a tall glass of milk.

Snack: 6oz chicken breast with broccoli and a tall glass of milk

Lunch: 2 8 oz(guestimating) steaks with 2 bags of white rice and a tall glass of milk

Snack: Bowl of fruit, 2ttablespoons of Olive Oil and mixed nuts

Dinner: Usually a really big steak with mashed potatoes and a plate of green beans with a tall glass of milk

Snack: Cold Cut sandwhich with green beans and a tall glass of milk.

Midnight Snack (3am): Protein shake and 2 eggs.

Now eating all of that not gaining muscle and mostly fat.

AAS is my next choice.


are you an ecto or endo?
Im assuming endo in which case you are having too many carbs
your snacks suck IMO for an ENDO I would do 7oz chicken, 1oz MCT Oil, as your snacks

I HIGHLY DOUBT you get up at 3am and make eggs and a protein shake.

oh and the most important thing you are working out three days a week. Up your sessions and time around
your gaining weight which means youre in a hypercaloric state but youre not working out enough to change body composition.


I am an ectomorph i started off at 112lbs when i started lifting.. lol


I am an ectomorph i started off at 112lbs when i started lifting.. lol its always been hard for me to gain weight.

And i do get up at 3am and have eggs.. so idk how to prove that 1 to you lol..


Your volume is far too high... 15 sets for chest is not necessary - no matter what 'Flex' and 'M&F' tell you.

Try 10 sets for large bodyparts (back/legs), 8 sets for med bodyparts (chest/delts) and 6 sets for your small bodyparts like biceps and triceps, calves etc..

This would be your highest set volumes needed.. trust me, if intensity (thats load AND intensity of effort) are where they should be, you wont need more sets than that for another 10 years.
Try HIT for lower volume macrocycles... thats 6 sets for large bodyparts per week, 4 for med and 2 for small... of course none of this is set in stone but they are effective guidelines.

Your diet is perfect (give or take) which leads me to suspect this is what you plan to eat but dont quite manage to achieve...

It could do with a little more fats IMO... what do the calories count upto? You are about 170lbs dripping wet no? In that case depending on your lifestyle your caloric requirements could be from 2200 to 3000 (approx. max) - if your beautiful diet plan is providing much over what you need then you WILL gain fat.

One can only gain muscle so fast.. more food doesnt always mean more muscle - it means you have the ability to synthesize muscle at your optimal rate but you will store any excess as fat... add more and you add more fat.

Training naturally is not like training assisted.

You are insinuating that you have low test levels (with the perfect diet and workout and gaining only fat and no muscle) - but by 1) Deciding to use AAS without bloods to back this up, followed by self-prescribing & self-medicating is very irresponsible of you and 2) deciding that the best drug for your needs is a trenbolone is nothing short of SIMPLY WRONG and foolish.

There are lads on this site of the same age as you (yes, you are 20 and have trained a massive 3 years - well done) who display multiples more knowledge and responsibility than you - maybe you should read a little more and keep your opinions to yourself until you have a clue.



You completely glossed over the "train more than three times per week" part of EG's post.

You have already decided that your training and diet is adequate so steroids are the next logical step. It isn't suprising that you ignored the advice which suggested that you work harder/more intelligently.

If you are an 'ecto' and you are gaining fat, what do you ACTUALLY think the problem is? I'd be willing to bet that it is not your lack of anabolic assistance.

Saying you are 20 years old and have been training since age 17 does not mean you have been training for 3 years. It means you have been learning how to train during those three years. And it is obvious that you are still learning. There are glaring weaknesses in your program. To an extent everyone is still learning, but I think I've made my point clear.


you certainly did and i appreciate it, but either way im taking it cause its already been bought and made.

the topic wasnt suppose to be about my diet, it was suppose to answer if tren clearly burns fat.


Your routine can definitely be improved. A push-pull-leg routine can work if that's what you want, but at your age you can probably do it 4x / week easily... ABCA-BCAB-CABC etc... you get the picture.

Ease up on the Monday chest routine. A little more intensity and less volume. Personally, I'd never include two fly exercises on the same day.

Give your shoulders and calves some love.

Low back / back thickness work doesn't seem very adequate either. Going from weighted pullups to pulldowns is a bit redundant. Do one or the other and alternate your grip / angle from time to time. How about some barbell rows or rack pulls? Rack pulls would also help your traps, seeing as how you aren't doing any shrugs.


So seeing as how you know best and are insistent on taking tren, are you planning on taking test too?


Seems to - as has been discussed i believe it is due to the strong binding to the androgen receptors in adipose.



why don't you train shoulders?

I also second upping your training frequency and Brooks statements about sets per muscle group.

Tren didn't burn fat for me but I was already lean when I started taking it.

I hope you got some test in there homeboy...



There is an article on the Muscular Development website front page about this very topic. It's a long read, but a good one.


LOL this is a VERY mature response.... Just because it has been bought and made DOES NOT mean you must use it right away... Steroids doent have a week expiration date like some of you quick to juice kids seem to think... SO you have it GREAT! keep lifting naturally and making gains and then use them when you are ready...
If your 175lbs and have a belly im guessin you have about 150LBs of lean muscle mass, in which case I would look into a MASS gaining cycle because you need a lot more muscle. Final point about your diet as I feel my point about training frequency has been backed by enough other people.... If you have been gaining weight but too much fat; swap your carbs for steel cut oatmeal, when i did this it did WONDERS for my physique. Add in broccoli red peppers and spinach to support high levels of Test and you WILL notice a difference.

or sacrifice your HPTA at a young age which will probably be combined with a shitty PCT equating into what will be a FUCKED UP endocrine system for a long time.. have fun with a limp dick....


so you have gained sixty pounds in three years and you consider yourself a "hard gainer"

YOU DONT NEED STEROIDS! DEDICATION is what you need. EDUCATION is what you need. EFFORT is what you need.... most importantly PATIENCE IS WHAT YOU NEED.
please be smart and stop.