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Unable to Gain Weight


Ah goddamn you are one of those skinny guys that all you have going for you is a 6 pack. I bet you even flash it everytime someone asks if you lift, or run or if you eat dessert. You gotta get over that to put on weight. Nobody is saying to turn into a lard arse but gaining weight while keeping chiselled abs is really tough and takes a lot of experience, consistency and knowledge of what goes into you body. Not worth it IMO (although it is possible).

Dunno where you got that from? As long as you are getting 3-5 serves of vegetables in a day, don’t be afraid to eat a little dirty to move the scale. It tastes better and it is calorie dense. Kfc and service station chicken strips before work helped me immensely to grow my stomach when I started my gaining journey. Also high protein flavoured milk. And fatty fish. And so many potatoes!



Allot of guys do not grasp that concept…


Fatties! @Irishman92 @bulldog9899





Not to draw this out, but I don’t think your plan is adequate. Did you watch the Dave Tate video? I mean, that’s extreme as shit, but if you read my post, I kind of did something similar - eat until you are UNCOMFORTABLY FULL. A few protein shakes, some side dishes, and a day of junk food? Your skinny body will shit that out or adapt to that over 6 weeks, no problem.

Eggs, bread, sausage, cereal, fruit in the morning. Snacks in between- spoonfuls of peanut butter, cottage cheese, nuts, protein shakes (note the S) etc. Meat, potatoes, rice, veggies, pasta, carb the fuck up for lunch and dinner, keep the snacks going, and if the goal is to gain weight you’d better not be mixing a scoop of protein with water and calling that a shake. Whole milk, 1-2 scoops of powder, a whole banana, a big ass scoop of peanut butter. That’s a protein shake for hardgainers. I blend granola or oatmeal into them sometimes. Shit, you can pour olive oil or coconut oil into them too. If you’re eating a fuckin ridiculous amount of food you don’t have to count calories, or even macros. But your plan that you just laid out is typical of every skinny person trying to gain weight ever - “I’ll just do a pinch of this and a dab of that and sprinkle a little…” NO. Eat. Get your six pack back when you have muscles to compliment it.


Oh, and @flipcollar is 10000% right- if you are going to keep track of anything, the key is in the carbs.


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If you don’t have a rough idea of how many calories you’re getting in (and able to round it to the 100s), you don’t know how much you’re eating. You’re probably not eating enough

I was 5’8 145 when I started lifting seriously, and couldn’t gain higher than 150s. I just started eating till I’m uncomfortably full, take a break, and go back to eating for seconds (I’m in a weed legal state and marijuana helps with my appetite). I also stopped doing cardio, which I think was a mistake.

I’m 195 now, and although I’m not as lean as I used to be, I’m bigger and stronger, and too old to worry about a six pack.