Unable to Bend Leg After Running

Hi all.

I have a very painful problem that becomes apparant after each running (mainly short bursts of speed and turning) session. During the actual sessions i am fine, but the day after i am in complete agony. I cant bend my left leg whatsoever, and for someone who is up and down ladders, working for bricklayers, this is not good. Pre season also starts soon and i need to make an impression and get my fitness up, if im going to play semi pro this year.

Ive been to the docs, and all she did was touch it once and said its tendonitis(sp), and that i should rest. Now with my job and rugby, i have no idea how thats possible. Anyways, i dont think it is that, as 2 days after rugby its borderline fine.

The pic is where the pain is (sorry for shitty arrows, isnt my leg either)

Im also aware I am rubbish at explaining things so please ask away, if ive missed anything.

Thanks all.

Ive had teh SAME issue before! I was running 3 miles for time and on my way to a new PR of sub 18 minutes. Den all of the sudden…sharp angry pains where those arrows are pointed. An hour after I was done running I couldnt bend mai knee at all. I ended up on crutchs for two weeks and then light PT for about a month. After I regained my ability to bend my knee again (the day after the incident, but still tender), I went right back to squatting and leg pressing. I was fine. But every time I ran…it blew back up.

The PT I went to had me foam roll and did this weird electro-b.s. The foam roll hurt like torture, but it got my knee betters.

PT was never able to recplicate that got my knee like that in the first place. I think it mightve been a pull or something got pinched. I dunno, I have no PhD. So, I’d recommend seeing a doc about it.

I’ve had similair issues, although it can be a range of things I can guarantee that extensive IT band work will go a long way to alleviate the problem. Also work on improving hip extension via glute strengthening/hip flexor lengthening

[quote]rehanb_bl wrote:
I’ve had similair issues, although it can be a range of things I can guarantee that extensive IT band work will go a long way to alleviate the problem. Also work on improving hip extension via glute strengthening/hip flexor lengthening[/quote]

what he said.

and a question. do you run on the side of the road?

It’s on a rugby pitch guys, in this heat is pretty hard ground. I’m only able to do it once a week.

Could you go into glute strengthening? I’ve had to stop all leg related exercise as the pain is unbearable.

I’ve seen a doc and she was useless, I’m gonna have to go back I think. I got the feeling she just fobbed me off. Work today it gradually got worse and worse, I’m lucky I drive an automatic as I can hardly bend it again. this is without any running since last Wednesday.

I don’t like the sound of ‘mice’, BBB! What causes this? Apart from running on hard services?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Hey, a longtime lurker who registered just to post a reply to this message. Please do forgive me if I make any newbie mistakes! :wink:

Who am I?

I’m not a doctor, a sports specialist, a PT or a chiro. What I am is a 28-year old avid distance runner, climber (rock) and amateur footballer who is also into some bodybuilding for aesthetics (ie, for the chicks! Heh!) Oh yes, and I have struggled with the exact same injury you have for the last 2-3 years.

I’m also passionate enough about running and fortunate enough to earn enough to be able to consult some of the top sports doctors in my nation to “fix” my injury. I’m no expert but this diagnosis comes from the doc who used to consult the national olympic track team (yeah we’re shit but he’s a good doc).

What you have is most probably a form of IlioTibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). Also known as “Runner’s Knee”.

Unfortunately for you this sort of injury is uncommon among bodybuilders. But on running forums you’ll get plenty of responses.

I can only share my experiences and what the doc did and told me:
a) Your injury will hurt like a bitch for a bit. Walking on flat ground will eventually be pain-free but up and down especially on stairs will be a bit tricky for a while.

b) RICE and foam rolling help. Ice the injured part near your bursa 2x a day, in the morning and evening for some pain relief. Foam roll, and during the day, put two fingers over the bursa (the bumpy bone in your knee where you feel the pain) and massage gently to break up scar tissue.

c) In my case, I’m somewhat flatfooted, and the doc told me that my bodybuilding actually contributed to the ITBS and worsened it. Although I don’t over or underpronate particularly noticeably while running, all those squats, hamstring curls and glute raises have contributed to muscle unevenness in the legs. Although typically our quads and glutes are oversized, we fail to work the hip adductors, iliacs and all the minor muscles that act as stabilizers, so when running particularly far or particularly fast for too long leads to poor form and ITBS pain. You may also already have poor running form, or, push yourself too hard too soon.

d) The good news? It can be helped. Aside from the slow fixes (RICE, foam rolling) you can use cortisone injections, electrotheraphy and ITBS release (sports doctors who specialise in Track and Field athletes would be best) will help ease the pain. Beyond that, stretching, knee braces, better running form will help keep ITBS at bay once you do recover. But the bad news? Recovery is bloody slow. Most docs will ask you to stay off the knee with high-impact activities (ahem, sprinting, long distance running, sprint swimming) for AT LEAST a month. Sorry mate.

e) The worse news? ITBS will most likely (unless you are bloody lucky) always, ALWAYS be with you unless you consider something radical like surgery. I was fit (“athlete-level fitness” according to the doc) when I started having trouble, rehabbed, came back, and still struggle with it every day. Mostly, for us distance runner folk, whatever you do, can help keep it at bay temporarily, but never get rid of it. Example, if you used to do 23km at 12km/hr pain-free before your knee starts giving way, with proper stretching, bracing, etc, you may buy yourself 30km at the same pace before it starts to bother you. As a result I hardly now do anymore marathons (last was 2 years back, suffered hell after 30km and limped home in 5h40m, 2 hours to cover the last 12.2km) and restrict myself to all-out 10k runs…

BTW, BBB, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, would like to ask you (OT) why is it you think both my knees pop a lot? They crack like rice krispies whenever I squat (even without weights, especially if I havent bent for awhile). Doc I saw said most docs don’t understand crack/pop sounds, and the knees were “fine” (they still are, no pain, at least).

However, the crack does bother me, especially when you’re squatting 240 and you hear the pops go off once you go ass to ground…it just sounds wrong!

Easy answer for you.

Go see a specialist in running so he/she can analyze your gait.

Find a good chiro/ ART person and ask to get fixed. Or whatever rehab specialist you can find. Ask around. Go to a running store, etc.

I’ve recently had a similar issue. I run long distance quite a bit and actually got a 10 mile run last week with no issue. I have been having knee pain the day after my slow pitch softball ganes though. The last game I felt fine afterwards but woke up the next day and could not move my knee at all. It hurt so bad I had no idea what was going on. I could not even find a way to sit on the toilet even if I tried to keep my left leg straight. I was unable to get my shoes or sock on or even sit in a car. 4 days later now I’m able to function like a normal person now but it still hurts quite a bit. Anyone know what’s going on here. I guess the pain is comeing from right under my knee cap

I have a similar issue. I run long distances of 3-5 miles every few days and have no issues. I actually ran 10 miles about a week ago and felt fine. The problem is I play slow pitch softball once a week. After the game I feel fine but then wake up the next day with knee pain. 4 days ago I woke up after a softball game in a lot of pain in my left knee. I could not bend my leg at all. I could not even sit on a toilet with my leg straight it just hurt too much. I also could not get my socks and shoes on myself and after spending about 10 minutes trying to get in the car it hurt so much even with out bending my knee just sitting in the car. The pain feels like it is all around my knee cap. It’s been 4 days now and it’s getting better every day but still hurts quite a bit. Any ideas.