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UN Restores Reference to Sexual Orientation in Killings


Source: Associated Press

Gay rights advocates scored a hard-fought victory at the U.N. Tuesday when member states restored a reference to sexual orientation, dropped last month from a resolution opposing the unjustified killing of minority groups.

The removal of the reference, at the urging of African and Arab countries, alarmed human rights advocates who said gay people are among minority groups that need special protection from extrajudicial and other unjustified slayings.

The battle underscores the divide between U.N. members with their diverse religious and cultural sensibilities on gay rights issues and sparked something of a culture war at the international body.

Belgium, Finland and other Western nations spoke in favour of including sexual orientation. A coalition of African countries said it was "greatly alarmed" that the direct reference to sexual orientation was included, and called it an attempt "to create new rights, new standards or new groups."



Food for thought?


Show me you have the food first. Then you get the thought.


Ahh the UN...

It still mystifies me why anyone even pays attention...


Especially when they put Libya on the human rights commission and Iran on the nuclear proliferation one.

Defund the UN.


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The "food" is in the paragraphs that I quoted. Thought it exemplified some of the issues we're dealing with in this day and age. Also, how dysfunctional the UN can be...