(Un)Official 2023 T-ransformation Challenge

That’s for the best, because you look like a goddamn comic book hero.


Oh I am familiar. And that, good sir, is a truly impressive feat of discipline.

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Similar, but bought a weight belt, and hit some PR’s on squat and deadlifts.
Maybe a kg or two down on BW.

Portion control and after dinner snackage - the biggest challenges for me. All conquerable though.


@TrainForPain I think that I might join you on the Velocity Diet. This will make my life much easier while I travel because it’s essentially already made for me.

I will keep eating as I have been for the last 2 weeks and when my diet kit comes in I will join you for the month.


“High speed/low drag”. I’ve been enjoying it for that very purpose.


I forgot the baby oil; forgive me.

Down ~5lbs since starting the challenge. Should have been down WAY more considering the deficit im in, but it is what it is. 210lbs @10% BF, here i come! (AKA The G.O.A.T goal @throwawayfitness)


Amazing progress.

You are crushing it.


I went into the gym this afternoon ready for a good new workout that I adapted, and my god… there were people standing around waiting for machines, it was so busy.

With this new gym, when i am not travelling, I think I have to work out around 8pm, straight after work at 5 is too busy.

also, I put on another 2lbs, weighed in at 210 today, which doesn’t feel right, but it’s the same scale I started with.

Up 4 lbs since January. I was on a .25lb/week goal and now I’m on a .5lb/week goal. After 8 weeks, I’m up 4 lbs so it seems to be accurate.

All of my lifts are stronger. Had a minor injury but was able to recover and improve through recovery.


Love it man!

This is a lot of the reason I go early. You get the equipment you want, life doesn’t get in the way, I have nothing better to do, etc. Lots of wins!

@Andrewgen_Receptors you look fantastic, sir; great job

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Fat loss is weird

Dropped my kcals by 1000 and have put on 1lb.


On the plus side. I managed to bust out 500 unbroken 6 count burpees in a fat loss induced rage

That was a burpee monkey off my back for sure


That’s got to have you down to like 500?

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Haha I’ve already told you to button your lip

2100kcals to be precise

Burpees and running after 2 toddlers means my TDEE is off the chart


This is me 10/10.

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I ate and creatined myself up almost 10lbs in January and February and hit personal bests benching and deadlifting. I would’ve hit bestier bests if I hadn’t been sick the final week of 5/3/1.

Life goes on.

Began cutting a week ago and am down 7ish pounds. Hoping to lose 10-12 more. Those middle-aged ladies that’ll be at the beach this summer better prepare themselves for what’s to come. :joy:


Order placed, Food comes Friday, so I think that I will start that Monday. Looking forward to it.

I want to know has anyone used a CGM. I just got mine, been using it for a week. There is a protocol I have been studying in regards to glucose before and an hour and a half after eating, but wanted to get someone elses experience with it, and how I can use it to better ensure I lose weight while I am training and dieting.

Thanks in advance

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Love it! I’ve seen a ton of success on the site and @T3hPwnisher is also doing a version - he has some great ideas around making it fit your life (he created an “oatmeal” within the protocol so he still has breakfast with his kiddo).

What’s your goal with glucose monitoring? Are you pre-diabetic?

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I followed an Australian guy who does something called ‘data drive fasting’, based on glucose monitoring after meals. He also has a lot of research ( he was an engineer, and he did this glucse research because his wife is type 1 diabetic and all of the knoweldge they were getting was wrong) and I have done his challenge a few times.
My main goal though is I need to see how my glucose is going throughout the day. It’s hard to just get a snapshop. like the other day at 4pm I had a protein drink that spiked my glucose super high, and that doesn’t usually happen.

I am going to be doing my best to keep a daily journal so that I can see what’s going on with my body, because if I can’t keep a decent constant glucose level, and when I spike have it return to normal in a good amount of time, the elevated insulin essentially stores more fat. It’s jsut another read into what’s going on with my body.

Uhmmm @bkennedy74…? You’re doing it again…

You don’t need to monitor your blood glucose after you eat, dude. You need to monitor what you eat.

Not trying to be rude, trying to keep your focus where it’s needed.


I don’t think I’d chase two things, personally. This v-diet is hard enough. I’d just crush it and see what that does for your insulin sensitivity.

I’d always prefer to take a baseline measurement then a follow up after intervention, vs trying to monitor every fluctuation. I’m not familiar with the guy you’re taking about, so that’s just my $0.02.

The insulin theory of fat loss can be its own debate!

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