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Un-Official 2022 Transformation Thread

It looks like they arent doing it this year so I am going to start the unofficial one. I think its a good space for us to suffer…I mean share experiences together.

We can vote at the end, or not.

Thread Rules:

Stay Positive and encouraging (dont think that was ever an issue here)
Post your pre photos lets say by January 14th?
Post your after photos by June 6th.
Voting (or not) to commence on June 8th and to be completed June 12th at midnight.
Results on June 13th.

I will be in here as often as my time allows but I feel this should be a by committee thread.


To be fair, Chris is working on something:

"Actually putting something together that’s bigger (um, relatively speaking) and better, it’s just not meshing with a clean Jan 1 start unfortunately, which is why I hadn’t started any preliminary announcement thread.

But, for sure, there’s going to be another opportunity to step up, say to everyone “I’m in”, and then follow through with some kickass progress. In the meantime, definitely don’t anyone wait for an announcement to get started. Get to work attacking goals right now or, 'ya know, just keep making your Before pic Beforier."

But, as he said, everyone get to work on your transformation.


I interpereted this entirely different…


Thats a pretty small bowl dude. Amateur

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Who says this is the first bowl?

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I’m an ice cream fiend. Not a single drop misses the mouth. Ever.

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Do you have an onlyfans?


This is the correct interpretation. :slight_smile:

Damn, I walked into that one.

But I guess OF has something for everyone.


I’ll play. Took this around Christmas time I believe
Sitting around 200 in that picture and currently gaining :joy:
Cold, no pump of course


I’m in


Shit, I have to do cardio now, dont I?


I’m in. No progress on weight loss goals since the beginning of the year, so the photo and numbers are still, sadly, accurate. Maybe this will help light a fire beneath me.


Start on Jan 1
54 1/2 yrs
65" tall
160 lbs BW
35" waist

Goal by June 1
55 yrs
65" tall
150 lbs BW
32" waist


It’s been awhile since I last participated in this, but I think I’ll give it a run this time. I’ll take some pictures this week. I really should have gotten some earlier this month, I’ve already made some substantial progress, but oh well.

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I’m on board. No concrete plan. Should have the 315 squat and 405 dead by june/July. Could probably get it faster but I’m really loving my current program, despite the fact that it’s not chasing those particular numbers with laser focus.
Will get some pics up. Its really funny how fat I am compared to the end of the last challenge.


I just cut to 175, so I’m in a perfect spot to do this backwards.



I’ll be 175 in… 40ish hours.

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Sounds awesome

101kgs, 16 weeks post COVID cancelled BB show ( was 83kgs)

Preps begun for the Bendigo Country Classic in August :grinning: