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UN: Less Than 10% of Afghans Aware of 9-11 Attacks


According to a recent study by the International Council on Security and Development, 92% of Afghans are completely unaware of the 9-11 attacks, or their implications on the US occupation of Afghanistan.


The study interviewed only men, and predominantly in Helmand and Kandahar provinces.



A link to a much better and more conclusive analysis.

Also; ICOS is an NGO think-tank unrelated to the UN, don't know where I got that idea.


Very interesting. If true, we're talking about a bunch of people who have already experienced invading forces, now experiencing another bunch of people fighting in their lands.

They know nothing of our motivations etc. No wonder we're not "winning hearts and minds."

All they see is an invading force. Well played us (not)


Past time to get out and let them wallow in their ignorance.


Agreed. Let us concentrate on border control. There are many ways to monitor and take out cells that do develop.

If we do this, we will still need thousands of black op type folks monitoring the entire area from banks to communication. We need to do some REAL CIA work.



Intelligence Operations > Military Occupation




X..well you get it. Should lower the cost of the military as well.


Given that it's an incredibly poor country with something like a 25% literacy rate, low education standards and enrollment, and low levels of internet access (especially, I'm assuming, in the southwest), I can't really say I'm surprised.

Hard to blame the Afghan people themselves though. Though I do agree with previous posts of an emphasis on intelligence rather than force application.


But they are in desperate need...

of Disneyland, Facebook, I-Phones, Starbucks and McDonalds!!


Spies, bribes and assassins.

-Ralph Nadar