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I just observed THE most incredible display of athletic human movement and magnificent physique development of my life (and I’ve been around world class athletes my whole life)… and that is… the Cirque de Soliel…

I mean just one example was these 2 guys doing variations of slow moving gymnastic/tumbling/balancing movements which were absolutely incredible exhibits of core development, strength,flexibility… how about a series ending in one guy handstanding on the other guys soles of his feet as he slowly leg curls him into the air… then somehow draws his hips over his head and 'leg presss him (slowly) upward (he’s still handstanding!)…These guys bodies are best described as a perfect synthesis of strength trainers and gymnasts.WOW! Go see it if at all possible!

I know it rocks!
It is the creation of art in the human body.
They were here in Calgary not to long ago! :0)

Yeah, ive seen them before and I just spent $500 for 2 tickets when they come down here in Jan :frowning: They are pretty cool though…

Saw it on cable TV last night. Made me feel like I’ve been wasting my time in the gym; GOT to be more focused! These people are an inspiration.

Agreed. Every act in those shows blows me away.

My guess? They’re all robots.

robot Ninja’s !!! ;0)

I saw those guys on TV some years ago. It really is incredible!

I saw their La Nouba show in Disney World in June. Unbelievable. I’ve been around a lot of pro athletes as well and these guys are as impressive as it gets.

The most impressive display I’ve ever seen was in one of their shows, Quidam. There was a man and a woman; he was standing up with his arms out at his sides, and she was balancing upside down with her upper back on his neck, her feet in the air, and her hands on his obliques. That was pretty cool, but then she spread her arms out and stayed up there.

to me the physiques I saw valdate a fitness concept that I’ve questioned (in terms of magnitude)… and that is ‘functionality’…
Finding and creating full body movements that require core strength/stability first and foremost (almost as a prime mover) and integrating them into my programs will be a quest of mine.

A friend of mine at work today said there are some gymnastic manuals out there with movement progressions/programs that are excellent.

This kind of stuff would be awesome to periodize into a yearly schedule.

So any idea where to find these gymnastic manuals? I saw that Quidam show just the other night on Bravo and it blew me away! That kind of synthesis of functional strength and concentration is awesome! I have always marveled at the physiques of gymnasts and wondered how they trained…I have just begun incorporating the floor grabs that Thib says gymnast use and I just love doing them to death! I would love to see what a full gymnast strenght routine consists of.

If anyone knows where I can find more info on manuals, programs and such please respond or PM me.

I agree, I’ve seen the act you’re describing on TV and it blew my mind.