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Un-Balanced Legs

hey everyone, I want to start doing more single leg work in order to get my left leg to catch up with my right. Its about .5 inches smaller.

Im planning on doing lots of single leg work to help this problem.

In order to help the left catch up, should I just load them the same, or possibly do more weight or more volume on the left side.

From what I’ve been told in the past (I also have uneven legs, but due to injury) keep the loading the same and start with your weakest leg first, then match the reps with your good leg.

In my opinion you should work your stronger first, them make your weaker leg match that. That way your weaker leg is worked as hard as you can, and your stronger leg can continue to improve instead of waiting for your legs to match. Let your weaker leg catch up instead of halting progress until they are equal.

because it’s smaller doesn’t mean its weaker, do more sets for the smaller leg. What do you do when you have a lagging bodypart? you train it more than the others. The same applies here

I had a leg imbalance for a long time, and while it’s much improved it’s still not 100% symmetrical to the right yet. Most importantly you need to find a way to make them both work together. IMO, single leg work can help correct the imbalance, but it’s not a long term solution. For instance, when I do leg press I put my left foot lower on the pad and closer to the middle than the right. This places mores stress on my left leg than my right through the entire movement.

As far as single leg work goes, I would typically do 4 sets of leg press to failure with only my left leg AFTER completing all my bilateral work.