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UN and Indigenous People


With an overwhelming majority of 143 votes in favour, only 4 negative votes cast (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United States) and 11 abstentions, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on September 13, 2007. The Declaration has been negotiated through more than 20 years between nation-states and Indigenous Peoples.


The nay-voters say the declaration goes too far in recognizing indigenous ownership of traditional land and veto rights over legislation governing natural resources. Any thoughts?


This is the sort of anti-US bullshit that goes on at the UN. Yeah, let's give Colorado back, so a few buffalo can roam and noble savages can chase 'em off cliffs, like they used to do. Its their heritage, you know.

The UN is a steaming pile.


Since all groups of people have migrated in from elsewhere this seems like a bunch of discriminatory BS.


Is this to say Western Europe is finally reconsidering its immigration policy?

The EU should really start taking its own advice.


LOL just another feel-good declaration. And a joke.


I'm saddened that some people wasted 20 years of their life working towards such a useless piece of legislation.


You just summed up the the entirety of the UN - only add 40 years.

If there is a more useless organization on the planet...well...not counting MoveOn, et al...I'd like to know what it is.


So we all go back to where we came from and then what? What the hell is the point or the endgame to all this?

Maybe instead of rights we could focus on responsibilities. If everyone would quite whining and expecting bail outs and things to be given to them and get out and actually make something happen and treat individual people, (who deserve it) with respect then we would need all this political bullshit.

There's a lot of people out there of all colors and such, there's plenty of assholes of every stripe to go around. The reverse also holds true.


I'm no history expert but if I have been correctly informed the Native American people crossed from Russia to Alaska by walking on the Bering Strait. So that means that nobody is actually FROM North or South America.


So that means I can whine to the Italian Government that I should have my 40 acres and a mule back in Germany, where my barbarian ancestors were captured and enslaved, right? :rolleyes:

sigh Historical Guilt is so damn dumb. When are people going to stop trying to use that as a basis for today's events?


You're missing the point. The idea is that Native Americans didn't get all genocidal on anyone's ass. And judging from your avatar, I'll say that your ancestors are very likely to be in the clear on this affair.


That's not what the resolution says. It's not about land. Rather, it's about the indigenous folks being more responsible when it comes to protecting ecosystems.

Check out this story and tell me that how many non-aboriginal people will do the same.


It's not about creating a "guilt feeling" you idiot. It's retroactive right allocation and responsibility.

Should we just forget history and let it repeat itself?


How is a UN resolution going to stop it?

There is no such thing as an indigenous people. The entire world has been nothing but a glorified game of Risk since we first figured out how to sharpen sticks and poke other people with them.


I've shit more important things than the U.N.


I agree with this sentiment. Also, "indeginous" people have fought each other over land, taken over land, lost land etc, especially in largely tribal areas.

(American Indians, Mongolians, Barbarians, Romans, Greeks...Muhammed...) To call one group of people the sole settlers and owners of a piece of land is ludicrous. What about the people there before them who were outed more than likely militarily?

All people in all regions through out time have fought for and either won or lost land. Europeans had the dominant military and culture compared to others during the discovery days.

They fought for and won the land just like the "indigenous" people before them and then maintained it. Other europeans fought for the same land and won too. (American Revolutions) and now own the land first settled by the brits, french and spaniards.

The world works by rewarding the winner. If an indeginous group loses to the new kid on the block, he is shit out of luck and would have done the same to further his own progress had he been adequately armed and ready.

Europe and it's offshoots still have the dominant hand politically, economically and militarily. Our system obviously works better than "their" system and has done so for hundreds of years. Otherwise, the world would be shaped completely differently.

The spread of our culture is socio-political evolution. Until something stronger and with more widespread backing outs us, we will dominate and progress as we are. With the world growing as it is cultures will blend, co-exist and be eliminated.

If one culture wants to test another rather than co-exist (9/11 for example), one will win and one will lose. When a culture draws a hard line at intolerance for another culture (fundamental islam for a much more liberal "west") a fight will undoubtedly break out. We are winning. So be it.


Like Saddam Hussein


Just wait to we figure out a way to sustain life on other planets, I can see it now, "Martians want 40 acres and a mule, but instead they are given a casino reservation"



Or better yet: "Martians are going to go before the UN using Zionist policies and holocaust sympathies to get their own bullshit country based on biblical writings"



Lixy, do you ever get history right?

I have never seen anyone actively try to be so uninformed.


Who cares what the UN says, if it requires doing anything it isnt going to happen. My dog makes more meaningfull resolutions in the back yard.