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Ummm ... Holy Sh!t




I can do that. :wink:


Holy shit I agree. I don't care what you say, but a gymnastics display like that really shows off that kid's athletic ability.



yeah I was waiting for someone to post that here.. . heh.. . would like to see some of the 200+ lb guys do that!

not saying they cant Id just like to see it so I know its possible. ..


Pakour is some wicked cool stuff. If you enjoyed this stuff, search for french pakour stuff, they started this.



Often, the center of gravity needed for things like that favors very short people. The same applies for "world class" gymnasts.


That's insane! Talk about the perfect training for your average criminal. Can you just see the cops trying to follow them?



Don't know if you saw this thread, but more of that sort of stuff:




Wow! Cool stuff!


Very Cool Dan. My boys loved them.


DAMN!! Fucntional strength at its best.


Forget that, I want to see the bloopers version. The way he climbs walls reminds me of Ninja Gaiden, LOL



Worst post in the thread award.


That's a great video and all, but what I really want to see is the video outtakes of him before he got that good... you know, with him bouncing his head off the bars and snapping limbs and all that... seriously though, good stuff.


There are a few in the NBA that I think have the natural athleticism to do that.


holy shit, very cool.

                   tin can


part two: http://www.dailymotion.com/tag/clan/video/19307

For anyone that speaks french, do you have any idea what song (or group, because I've heard the same rapper in other parkour videos) they're playing in the background?


Thats amazing!!

They should get that guy for the next Spiderman movie


Morpheus, I think he may be the one.


Freakin' awesome!

Couple observations:

  1. The skin on his hands must be very thick and tough to withstand that kind of abuse.

  2. His knees are clearly made of some kind of X-Man material.

  3. He should strongly consider conquering his fear of heights.