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Ummm ... Even BETTER!





Is that our Dan John!?

And can he make do with $1,871.00, or does he need more?

Hey Dan, that's a lot of whiskey you can buy with that amount of cash! :slightly_smiling:


It's not just whiskey, it's SCOTCH Whiskey. The nerve.


Dan pimping Dan.

I donated in December and bought the new DVD. Just keeping money in the family. Brother to illegitimate brother.


Yes fellas. That is to support the site. Danny himself is a little shy and doesn't like whoring ... some hogwash about modesty and his stellar business model.

I was over there today, saw the paypal link, and decided to drop him 5 LARGE (ok, so I exaggerate a little). Then, in light of what Thib has done for his lady, I figured a little pimpage could only help.

I see it now. Coming soon with our continued support: the No Lift A Day Progam!

About that Scotch ... I dunno ... at least he said it was to support the site ... strange how nothing has changed save for the heft of his belly?