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Umbilical Hernia Advice?

Alright so here’s my story.
Two years ago during my last prep I was squatting extremely heavy 4-5 reps. I noticed I had a little bump in my belly button. Freaked me the fuck out. So I ended up paying attention to it. Wore a belt always and focused on breathing. Still squatted still did leg press.
And actually my entire off season for the past 1-1.5 years I trained and didn’t even wear a belt! Zero pain, never got bigger. Never had any issues. Always scared me though.
So I am like 6 weeks into prep again here, and it feels bigger lol BUT I do believe it’s because I am getting leaner so I can feel the hernia more. Anyways I am extremely paranoid and worried to the point where I am feeling the bump daily and worrying! This whole time I have done hack squats and leg presses with ease. I don’t go under 6-8 reps, don’t deadlift, I do not lift ego weight. I wear my belt and focus on breathing. Should I really have anything to worry about? If I’ve come this far without it being an issue. Still have zero pain, just weird sensations sometimes . It’s maybe a penny size. And really hasn’t caused me pain or gotten any larger (maybe a tiny tiny bit) in 2 years. What is your experience with one if you’ve had it? Sorry this post is all over the place, the pre workout has me flying!! I’ve attached a pictures of my mid section. You can barely see it . image|386x499